Council Legislation

Proposed Resolution No. R2022-174

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Implementing the 2022-2023 Budget as Amended; Declaring Certain County Policy; and Requesting Information from Agencies of County Government.

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Derek Young, Marty Campbell, Jani Hitchen, Ryan Mello

Final votes

December 6, 2022
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Keith Meredith 12/18/22 10:29 AM This plan to allow and build homeless encampment on a wetland is disastrous. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not protecting this sensitive, and wild area. You you also be ashamed for pushing this agenda secretly. You should also ashamed that your all willing to change the law to suit you needs. Shame on you! A hand full of elected people, pushing the agenda of a handful of aching hearts, for people who don’t deserve a handout. You’ll all be voted out with your representative ethics. Shame!
Noell Pacho 12/18/22 1:55 PM I Totally Oppose the Idea of building a tiny Villiage. In this location. The impact it would have I'd totally dretrimental to our neighborhood and surrounding community as well as being detrimental to people you would be placing there. The Wet Landd are protected by the Federal Government as well as the state. changing the current zoning laws to enable such an undertaking is beyond Ludacris. Please consider other locations for this project that are more conducive to safe and healthy living for the people you are trying to serve. There are no bus lined, cross walks or traffic lights. Spanaway Loop Rd is highly used with cars moving at high rates of speed. The increased crime rate that would result is a huge concern for those of us who live in this community. Do not put this in our back yard!
Kathy Woods 12/18/22 2:43 PM Please do not do this. When you say "the most chronically homeless" you mean the ones with severe mental illness. Stick them in the middle of a forested area with no roads, no buslines, etc is as if you want to hide them from society. This is almost the last of the pristine areas around. We see dear, bears, racoons, coyotes, porkupines. You will kill them. Almost every homeless person has parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. Why is not the family, the first to be responsible for a family member? You wonder why people are so insensitive to the homeless. Because of a handfull of elected people, who by the way can be voted our, decides to cram these down our throats. It's a good idea, just the wrong location. Our property values will plumment and that is so unfair to us. Some of us have lived here for years, watching our values go up. Some relying on that for retirement. How are we to be compensated? DO NOT PUT THIS IN OUR BACKYARD!!!
Elisha Babukas 12/18/22 4:06 PM I do not support this at all. I feel like you’re not finding the best location for what you’re trying to do. You’re just trying to take the easy way out and put them out somewhere that is not even suitable for them or the neighbors around it. To pass laws or change zoning to be able to accommodate to what you want to have done is completely inappropriate. Certain laws would not be changed for the residence around here to be able to build on wetland or to use property in any other way. You should really find a different location for this.
Erin Sumner 12/18/22 6:16 PM I strongly oppose this. This is the wrong place for tiny homes for the homeless.
Kathie & Mike Pribnow 12/18/22 6:42 PM I'm concerned citizen of Pierce County. By putting a tiny home village in Spanaway, in the forest on the wetlands by Fort Lewis & McCord is wrong. If you care about the people that are suffering from drug addiction and mental illness, this location is wrong. Some of them have PTSD and having Fort Lewis shooting guns and artillery and McCord flying there big jets very low, the windows would rattle. It could be very detrimental to the people who have mental illness. I no that we have a huge problem with the homeless, but please don't put them out there. They need to have access to hospitals, stores,there is no bus line out there. They need to be in the city, what about Western State Hospital. They would be supervised out there. There has to be a better location to accommodate there needs. Not only will you be messing humanity, you will be threatening our environment, our watersheds, destroying lakes and streams where our fish & animals rely on to survive. We can't continue to disrupt nature and there habitat
Daniel Atwood 12/18/22 8:01 PM Thank you for taking the time to pause and ask questions. If the first village (wherever the final site might be) is to be replicated you want to get the first one right. The current proposed location is so flawed that it is hard to know where to start. I will only mention in these comments that all of the lighting that you are correct in asking for will be in direct conflict with JBLM since it is right on the flight path of low flying planes. Secondly, the entire area is "surrounded" by wetlands. According to the recent soil samples taken this type of soil drains the fastest. Where does it drain? Into the surrounding wetlands. Thirdly, if the goal is to keep people isolated, depnedent on government subsidies, cut off from any hope of integration to the greater community, unable to work a real job (other than ones created in the village and far, far away from infrastructure (all there needs can't be met within the village) then this is the perfect site. Finally, the devastating impact this will have upon the existing neighborhood that it will border not only is wrong but it isn't following the Austin model. It was built first and had a chance to get established, then adjacent developments were built later. No one was negatively impacted. Again, thank you for pumping the brakes on this project and asking questions the executive office is unwilling to ask.