Council Legislation

Resolution No. R2022-145

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Adopting the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan.

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Dave Morell

Final votes

November 22, 2022
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Gary Knudson 10/3/22 10:10 AM I have stayed connected to the efforts outlined in the Plan from the earliest days of the Gateway Communities Charettes in the early 2000's. The proposal has grown from infancy to embrace many changes in the community and the NPS/USFS. The integrity and comprehensiveness of this Plan over time deserves wholehearted support from the Council.
Chuck Morrison 10/3/22 10:11 AM I plan to tune in on the 17th to underline my full support
DAVID B JOHNSON 10/3/22 2:05 PM A diverse group of stakeholders with a common love of Pierce County is represented in this cooperative effort. I support its implementation. As a beneficiary of the County Council making thoughtful stewardship of the Carbon River Corridor area a priority, I am glad that many might be able to enjoy its gifts for generations to come. It is a great community engagement model for how to effectively work together and with a collective impact in mind. Thank you.
Gage Xavier Esterly 10/4/22 6:37 AM I have lived in this area for 13 years now, I volunteer with the Foothills historical society, I frequent the land and hike along game trails, rivers and Creeks that make our area so magnificent, and I feel that this plan would allow the various groups and communities with special interest in the carbon canyon to work in unison to preserve the natural beauty of the area while not actively hurting the logging companies that own land in the canyon. I am in full support of the proposal.
K Stiffler 10/4/22 12:25 PM I support the Pierce County Resolution
Sara Sutterfield 10/4/22 9:09 PM Raising a family in Wilkeson, I am encouraged to know of a plan that “will result in positive improvements…including towns” with the intention to support “a healthy and vibrant community”, as paraphrased from Resolution No. R2022-145. We were drawn to the area because of the unique opportunity to bring up children in a small, removed town rich with history and natural beauty. Wilkeson has held their own, utilizing volunteerism to preserve history and supplement stretched funding to ensure a safe and healthy quality of life for their citizens. Twenty years has passed since the Charette, and with that “preserving the natural, historic, and cultural values of the area” and “improving enforcement and emergency response” has been in decline without resources for modern and substantial action. The Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan is the rare, helpful leg up that Wilkeson and the rest of the Carbon River Corridor has been hoping for. Let’s take the next step.
Marian Berejikian 10/10/22 7:19 PM Friends of Pierce County supports R2022 - 145, the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. Thank you for moving this forward.
David S. Battey 10/10/22 7:43 PM A cooperative effort like this is critical to the future vitality of the Carbon River Corridor. The history of this corridor in the early sandstone, coal, timber and railroad growth of the greater-Tacoma area is significant and this cooperative effort will help both those living in the corridor and our many visitors, recognize this fact. We have a lot to share!
Christopher Hurst 10/11/22 8:56 AM On behalf of the White River Forest Protection Association, our group strongly supports this important legislation. As a citizen user group of this entire region, our 150 members frequent both sides of the Pierce County portion of Mt Rainier. We have been facing significant challenges on the northern and southern sides of these lands and know well the value of proper input and planning processes. Much of our progress in the White and Greenwater River valleys have come without adequate prior planning in advance and this has slowed many efforts. Now that more is being done, it is easy to see how important prior planning and stakeholder input helps projects and funding over time. This plan is an excellent step and will yield significant benefits in the future. We strongly support this step and know how valuable it can be.
Crystal Vaarvik 10/11/22 9:21 AM Hello County Council Members, The Carbon River Corridor is a true gem for Pierce County and the entire State. I have been hiking and enjoying the recreational opportunities for several years. I fully support the CAP. I urge full approval. Respectfully, Crystal Vaarvik
Jess Mininger 10/11/22 9:49 AM My family and I have hiked in the Carbon River Corridor in the past, and I hope my Grandchildren will be able to enjoy this area in the years to come. I fully support the CAP and look forward to it's approval.
Jerome L Loran 10/12/22 10:10 AM Good work. Although the CAP has sufficient tasks, here a few thoughts. First, whereas Stewardship has been a guiding principle from inception, so there is value in emphasizing this principle to the public on information signs. Stewardship is an unspoken concept guiding many citizens in their responsible use of natural resources especially during recreation. A short message on public signage for the CAP that would bring Stewardship up, into waking consciousness, has value; even as an initiatory concept to the more egocentric recreation seekers. Number two: education on noxious invasive weeds in the corridor; where to rent tools to pull Scotch Bloom; identification of Roberts Weed and others. Roberts Weed is easy to pull and an educated / empowered public would be a Good. Number three: A thought for PC Parks is to NOT PAVE the trail from Carbonado to the entrance to Mt Rainier NP. Number four: There are property owners in the corridor who Steward second growth forest segments. We Steward two hidden acres of second growth forest; writing a Forest Stewardship Plan now with the goal of protecting this true forest,(a variety of indigenous trees, ferns and brush). SO, question - is there a Conservation Easement plan in the Carbon River Corridor that private land stewards could participate in? Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Andy Morrison 10/12/22 10:21 AM I always enjoy visits to the Carbon River Corridor and fully support this resolution.
P Hickey 10/12/22 4:39 PM I support the Pierce County Resolution.
Brad Templeton 10/12/22 5:25 PM I support R2022-145.
Erik Bergset 10/13/22 8:59 AM I support this resolution. It's a good plan with support within the community as well as outside it.
Alan Carter Mortimer 10/13/22 2:29 PM Washington Trails Association, with more than a fifty year legacy of engaging hikers across the state and within Pierce County, supports the resolution to adopt the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. The CAP is a positive step in bringing much needed recreation opportunities to this part of the county. It addresses a wide variety of issues that affect the corridor and outlines a process to resolve these issues. The cooperative nature that is key to all components of the plan ensures a high degree of success for implementation. The stakeholders that developed the CAP have shown their dedication to the Carbon River Corridor and we hope that the county council will also show its support for the plan through formal adoption.
Carl Fabiani 10/13/22 4:10 PM While supporting the general proposal, we are quite disappointed to see that the Carbon River Corridor is described as beginning near Wilkeson and ending at the Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier N.P. In reality the Corridor should extend to the the very base of Mt. Rainier since that is where the Carbon River begins and also where some of the most beautiful portions of the Corridor are found. This Corridor definition suggests that Mt. Rainier National Park will likely continue to limit/reduce access and facilities for this part of the Park as they have done for so many years. It's a sad loss.
JILL CARTWRIGHT 10/13/22 4:11 PM The FRIENDS OF THE CARBON CANYON support this Proposal and encourage the Council to vote YES! If passed, The Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan would enable our Local Towns and Communities, Businesses, Councils, Non-Profits the much needed accreditation to apply for grants, it would give 'us' the recognition this region needs in order to preserve, protect, and expand it's unique Eco-system including Wilderness, State and Federal National Park lands, our vibrant Wildlife Corridors, Historical relevance, Recreation opportunities, all the while accommodating the increased influx of tourists who currently drive through our century old towns, on our roads & bridges, lacking the simple, responsible infrastructure so desperately needed. This Cooperative Action Plan will help unite us all. Together We Are Stronger.
J Connors 10/13/22 6:51 PM I can't overstate how excited I am about this project! Pierce county has such amazing potential for it's residents and visitors to experience the beauty here!
Betsy Robblee 10/14/22 10:53 AM The Mountaineers supports the resolution to adopt the Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. Our 15,000 members regularly engage in outdoor recreation throughout the Carbon River Corridor and at our Irish Cabin property along the Carbon River Road. We support the CAP and the collaborative process that has gone into creating this plan, and urge the Council to formally adopt the plan.
Ashley Murphy 10/17/22 12:48 PM As a resident and council member for the Town of Wilkeson I am in full support of the Carbon Cooridor CAP.
David Flint 10/18/22 1:27 PM My family & I made our first, but not last trip to the Carbon River Park entrance and biked the entire Ipsut Creek Trail and couldn't stop taking pictures of the scenery this October. I grew up here in Piece County (Lakewood) and after 12 years in Oregon/California moved back, now raising my own family here (Gig Harbor) and we fully support this project. In closing, its great to see so much positive support for this project. Please bring this project to fruition.
Amy Boucher 10/23/22 2:10 PM The Buckley Downtown Association supports Resolution No. R2022-145. Improvements made in the Carbon River Corridor impacts our community and economic development, provide great opportunity to connect people to nature, history and will help amplify our revitalization efforts in Buckley. The small rural towns in our district band together to support one another as we see the impacts of one effect us all. We are in this together!
Kay Skogen 10/25/22 1:30 PM As a lifetime area resident with family ties in the Carbon River Corridor going back to the 1880's, and also as a long-time member, Board officer, and docent with Foothills Historical Society and Museum, I strongly support R2022-145 Carbon River Corridor Cooperative Action Plan. The Carbon River Corridor is central in our Society and Museum mission statement. The combined and enthusiastic cooperative efforts of so many involved communities, agencies, and stakeholders investing much time and effort to create this Plan's vision for preserving and expanding recreational opportunities and visitor services in the Carbon River Corridor for future generations to enjoy is highly commendable, welcomed, and deserving of implementation.
Walter Croshaw 10/25/22 7:25 PM As a regular user of the Carbon River corridor, I support the proposal to ensure it's protection for the use of generations to come.
Ted Jackson 11/2/22 10:56 AM My only concern is that there is "no" ORV recreation representation on the ongoing collaborative group meetings.
Richard Chacon 11/22/22 6:59 AM Would love to see an expansion of the WATV routes for easier access and legal driving. Opening these routes will help small businesses in rural areas grow as it will attract more people to explore them.
Jon ott 11/22/22 7:32 AM Every voice needs to be included orv
Jeff Pack 11/22/22 8:06 AM I would like to see more ATV access, as well as access all the way to Evans Creek. The road is so poorly maintained, I'd rather park elsewhere and drive into Evans Creek.
Jennifer Barnwell 11/22/22 8:59 AM Would like to see WATV routes allowed. This will support small business and allow legal access to them.
Christine 11/22/22 9:18 AM I support the proposal!
Charles stanley 11/22/22 9:31 AM I support this proposal.
Mike Collins 11/22/22 11:09 AM I would like to see an expansion of the WATV routes for easier access.
Byron Stuck 11/22/22 11:27 AM Motorized off roaders need to part of this work. Allowing WATVs to be legal on surrounding roads is a great first step. thank you