Council Legislation

Proposed Resolution No. R2021-184

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Appointing Yasmin Trudeau to Represent Legislative District No. 27 in the Washington State Senate, Filling a Vacancy left by the Resignation of Jeannie Darneille.

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Jani Hitchen, Ryan Mello, Derek Young

Final votes

November 2, 2021
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Nolan Hibbard-Pelly 10/31/21 11:55 AM Vote Yasmin Trudeau or Lamont Green to go as our state senator! I am disappointed Priya was not able to get in the top three but the other two people are very great choices to represent the PCO's and county as a whole. I'll also say that Pierce county should be renamed to Tahoma before it becomes too expensive.
Russell P Parks 11/1/21 9:33 PM I am a PCO in the 27th And Stronly support Yasmin Trudue for the Senate Seat.
Evan Smith 11/2/21 12:01 PM Members of the Pierce County Council: My name is Evan Smith and I am a proud resident of Pierce County and Washington's 27th legislative district. I’ve worked for several elected officials, including in the State Senate, and previously served as Congressman Derek Kilmer’s lead staffer on economic development. Thank you Chair Young for all the mentorship and support you've provided to me on issues ranging from transit equity to behavioral health. Councilmember Zeiger, thank you for your partnership in all the work we've done together to fight for students at our public institutions of higher education. Through these experiences, I’ve come to better understand what more our systems of government need to truly live into the visions and values we all hold so dearly here in Pierce County. What we need is to send LaMont Green to the State Senate. I met LaMont in 2017 - a day that forever changed my life - it’s where I met someone that has become the greatest role model, mentor, coach, and friend I’ve ever known. I have the distinct honor of seeing on a daily basis, LaMont’s work to fully live into the principles of racial equity and social justice. I mean, just recently, I watched him facilitate a difficult and emotional conversation on racism with folks from Walla Walla, Vancouver, Spokane, Wenatchee, and Seattle! He builds unifying spaces where folks of all races, incomes, geographies, and political identities can be vulnerable and share about the harmful stereotypes and biases they’ve internalized. I’m telling you all … LaMont is the real deal. His love for this work is genuine and infectious. That’s why the Washington State Department of Commerce has contracted with him for over four years to help them design new policies and programs that directly address historic and contemporary racicalized harm. I have a feeling that any of you that have spoken directly with LaMont probably felt something special. He’s not your typical person seeking elected office. The fire of servant leadership burns brightly within him and it is borne from the kind of warmth and love that comes through decades of lived experience through times of both jubilance and suffering. Pierce County, this is a moment we cannot pass up. How blessed we are to have the chance to send someone so qualified and perfect for the job. I ask for you to do right for our community and appoint Dr. LaMont Green to the Washington State Senate. Thank you very much. -Evan Smith
Patricia Colemon 11/2/21 2:01 PM My name is Patricia Colemon and I am writing in support of Desiree Wilkins-Finch to fill the vacancy in Legislative District #27. While Desiree is not a native Washingtonian, she has certainly demonstrated a commitment in service to this district and region. Her commitment is illustrated in her community and campaign organizing that led to local elected leadership, it's illustrated in her homeownership and establishment of a business in Pierce County that supports this economy and it's illustrated in her trust of public education which supports her son. This appointment provides a critical decision-point for an all White County Council to show it's expressed commitment to racial equity. I hope this council can reject racial tokenism by selecting an individual with the will AND skill to get the job done.