Council Legislation

Proposed Resolution No. R2021-149

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Directing the County Engineer to Consult with the Washington State Department of Transportation on the Authorization of Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle Usage on Certain Segments of State Route 7 and State Route 706; and Requesting the County Engineer to Provide a Report by a Date Certain.

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Amy Cruver

Final votes

September 7, 2021
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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
James L Halmo 9/3/21 3:01 PM Mr. Chairman and Members of the Pierce County Council My Name is James Halmo and I reside in the 77 sq mile Graham Community Plan Area. I wish to address Proposed Resolution R2121-149, regarding use of Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles on State Highways. There are three sections. First, State Highway 7 involving Elbe. If you have ever visited the census district of Elbe – it not an incorporated city or town - you will frequently see a significant congestion in that small tourist area, with travelers stopping, coming and going. Will permission for Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles improve pubic safety? That is the big question. Joy riding in that area, speeding off and onto the state highway is not what one would like to see as a driver, having visited that community many times. We hear owners of WATVs need access for shopping and stores. They are all located on the east wide of the State Highway where the residential area can be found. Highway access is not required for daily shopping. Second, State Highway 706 from mile post 0.00 to 0.06. That involves leaving State Highway 7, which makes a right turn going south over the Nisqually River on bridge into the next county. State highway 706 starts and goes straight towards the entrance to Mt Rainier National Park. The very brief mileage has only one small enterprise -- a horse riding rental business. Does that business owner want to start a rental business of wheeled all-terrain vehicles? That is the impression I have. If so, I do not believe that the concern over public access, coming out of Elbe, on a sharp left turn onto SR 706, with traffic coming out of the adjoining county makes a lot of sense from a public safety point of view. Drivers should not be forced to deal with such small recreational vehicles at the junction of two State Highways. Third, the provision for wheeled all-terrain vehicles within the Ashford community -- a census district – not a town. I strongly recommend that you defer this Resolution until you ask all the citizens of that community what they would like to see. A direct mailing to all of the registered citizens in that census district should ask for their opinions. It is that community itself – not just a few people supporting this Resolution – which should be heard on this matter, before initiating any consultation with the State Dept of Transportation. It is critical to recall that Resolutions receives far less public notification than do County Ordinances. Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for considering my comments. Sincerely, James L. Halmo 9806 247th Street Ct. East Graham, WA 98338 (253) 875-1890
Ted Jackson 9/4/21 6:59 AM Please move this resolution forward to allow for safe, sain & legal travel for recreational site seeing travel in southeast Lewis County. I am 62 years of age with mobility chalanges and WATV'S are a great "ADA-OPDMD" (Other Power Driven Mobility Device) that allows me to get out and enjoy the site or economically go to the local stores.
Anthony Lemke 9/4/21 7:38 AM My dad and I love riding our quads together. It's hard to load and unload our quads all the time. This would give us more time to ride together. Thank you, Anthony Lemke
Mike Collins 9/7/21 1:16 PM I support R2021-137