Council Legislation

Proposed Resolution No. R2019-95

Title: A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Declaring its Intent to Adopt Legislation to Authorize a Local Sales and Use Tax Credited Against the State Sales and Use Tax for Affordable or Supportive Housing. (Sales and Use Tax for Affordable or Supportive Housing - Declaration of Intent to Adopt)

Status: Rescinded

Sponsors: Councilmembers Derek Young, Connie Ladenburg, Pam Roach

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
David Fisher 12/22/20 10:21 AM We should increase property tax to pay fir the Behavioral health care and for affordable housing! Preferably tax the land not the improvements. Sales tax is regressive as we all know. It hurts and burdens working families, seniors and low income people onon products the need. Property improvement should be encouraged not discouraged with higher taxes. I urge you to drop the sales tax and implement a property tax on the dirt only. We need to fund behavioral health and provide a floor for the poor, starting with housing first! David K Fisher