Council Legislation

Ordinance No. 92-163

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Amending Title 3 of the Piece County Code, Personnel, Chapters 3.08, Definitions; 3.16, Equality of Employment-Affirmative Action; 3.20 Career Service Administration; 3.24, Selection Process; 3.28, Certification and Appointment; 3.40, Disciplinary Appeals and Personnel Board; 3.44, Employee Relations; 3.52, Working Conditions-Conflict of Interest; 3.56, Health Insurance ; 3.68, Sick Leave; 3.69, Humanitarian Catastrophic Leave Bank; 3.72, Vacation Leave; 3.76, Leave of Absence With Pay; 3.80, Leave of Absence Without Pay; 3.84, Retirement; 3.92, Reimbursement of Expenses; and Adding a New Chapter 3.58, Life Insurance.

Effective: February 7, 1993

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers

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