Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2023-66

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Implementing the 2024-2025 Budget; Amending the Pierce County Code and the Powers, Duties or Responsibilities of Certain Pierce County Departments, Boards, or Commissions; Amending or Repealing Certain Ordinances; and Setting an Effective Date.

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

Sponsors: Councilmembers Ryan Mello

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Lance 11/14/23 12:05 AM The 4 Radical Socialist Leftist Board Members (Ryan Mello, Jani Hitchen, Robyn Denson, Marty Campbell) of Pierce County Council are at it again. They are attempting to override a VETO that stops them from by-passing competitive requirements for funding of various projects in Pierce County. Their ringleader and Chair Ryan Mello wants to spend your hard earned tax dollars at his sole discretion without any real accountability. Mello’s radical cronies (Hitchen, Campbell, and Denson) also have their hands out ready to spend without restrictions, competition, or scrutiny. They are the foxes guarding our chicken coop. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not good stewardship of your dollars…that is radical partisan activism. It is a return to the dirty money earmark system of politics void of competition or merit. This funnels tax payer funds directly to select groups at the discretion of the radical board members. It sets public funds (tax payer dollars) up for sole source projects awarded to their pet projects (i.e. THE COMMUNITY NEEDS FUND) and lucrative business connections without competition. This has the potential to create a “pay for play” scenario and set up back room sweetheart deals to politically favored groups. These proposed packages of ordinances are blatantly unethical, unfair, divisive, and bypass any form of scrutiny, transparency, or accountability. The County Executive’s VETO must be upheld for a fair, responsible, accountable and transparent process in awarding public funds for contracts. We the citizens, taxpayers, and constitutes deserve a more transparent and accountable government. Our elected officials must represent our values, not their own personal bias, political agendas, or financial lucrative rewards to themselves or their party. The awarding of contracts must go thru a competitive requirements based on merit. It must be done with safeguards mechanisms and transparent procedures already in place to ensure accountability. Responsible government bodies should NOT short circuit the system of checks and balances. Every contract must be done in the sunlight, not in the darkness. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!