Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2023-21

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Declaring as Surplus Certain County-Owned Real Property, Located at 15878 66th Avenue East, Tacoma, Washington (Commonly Referred to as "Green Forrest Addition-Tract A"), and Consisting of Land and Improvements on Tax Parcel 4242000350; and Authorizing the County Executive to Pursue Disposal of the Property, Pursuant to Chapter 2.110 of the Pierce County Code, "Property Management."

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

Sponsors: Councilmembers Ryan Mello, Amy Cruver

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Alyssa Capocy 6/11/23 6:10 PM This proposal will cause serious, unintended consequences affecting the wellbeing and safety of several nearby residents if implemented.
Melissa Kennedy 6/13/23 8:21 PM This was proposed by a neighbor who has three neighbors currently with anti harassment orders against her, and is facing criminal charges for violating those orders. This property runs along all of these neighbors yards and this in an attempt to further harass and try to control neighbors. I would not have known about this without being forwarded her social media post about the meeting with the caption “homie don’t play” and comments about changing neighbors yards. This woman is a threat to her neighbors.
Shannon Zimmerly 8/7/23 11:54 AM This proposal will clean up a parcel of land that is blighted and unattended for over 15 years. Capocy is criminally trespassing on county property. Built her remodel onto POWER EASEMENT with the blessing of Pierce County planning dept. Capocy illegally took out a mortgage encumbering land she did not have surveyed or confirmed she owns. Capocy has trash, a broken down truck and overgrown grass. Furthering her footprint of land would further blight this neighborhood. It is required by lien holders and law to have title insurance properly conveyed in a mortgage. If Pierce County sells this parcel to any one of the neighbors who are criminally trespassing onto this county owned property, as is, they are violating their own procedure for highest and best and the LAW. Subdividing this land for any purpose would require attorney based/title insurance underwriting approval from any lien holders of properties acquiring it. Bonneville Administration will need to approve this lot line adjustment. They carry the easement, it affects their perfected agreement if changed without approval. Capocy is a detriment of well being and safety to Green Acres addition and a fraud. There are 70+ subscribers to this ordinance notification. Therefore, I truly hope the County will garner their highest and best for this parcel. And whomever the new owner will come to be, cleans up that eyesore. It has affected our yard, fence and pocketbook and most importantly time. The County claims to not have a budget to cure their lot, sell it as you are expected, online for opening bids. Kennedy is another neighbor who does not adjoin this lot whatsoever. She is a fraud and called the PCSD with perjuries to any Deputy that would willingly believe her. Kennedy is a stalker, her comment, "without being forwarded her social media post about the meeting". It is very narcissistic of Kennedy to believe our day to day is surrounded in harassing these her or any of her phone tree neighbors. Kennedy and Capocy show up to my court hearings together, but claim to not have an agenda. That agenda is this: Capocy covered up some dirt on her boyfriend, he changed his name to gain employment in a local school district. Capocy weaponized the county and judicial system after I got fed up with their triangulation.
Melissa Kennedy 8/22/23 5:34 PM Thank you for making the right decision today.