Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2022-80s

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Adopting Permanent Regulations Authorizing Safe Parking Sites for People Experiencing Homelessness and Making Other Minor Technical Code Changes; Amending Pierce County Code Chapter 18.25, "Definitions," and Title 18A, "Development Regulations -- Zoning," Including Development Regulations Applying to Unincorporated Areas of Pierce County and All Community Plan Areas; Requesting an Annual Report from the Human Services Department; Adopting Findings of Fact; and Setting an Effective Date.

Effective: January 1, 2023

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Ryan Mello, Jani Hitchen

Final votes

December 13, 2022
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Brian Devereux 12/1/22 9:51 AM Has a buffer from schools been considered for this proposal?