Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2020-90s

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Repealing Chapter 10.26 of the Pierce County Code, “Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles” and Adopting a New Chapter 10.26 of the Pierce County Code, "Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles"; Designating County Roadways on Which Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles May Operate Pursuant to Chapter 46.08 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW); Codifying Certain Operational Standards for Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles; and Setting an Effective Date. (Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles)

Effective: January 1, 2021

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Jim McCune, Pam Roach

Final votes

September 29, 2020
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Jeremy richards 9/6/20 8:30 AM I am in favor of opening all of pierce county to watv
Mark kohn 9/6/20 8:30 AM This is something that many people have wanted including me, it allows us to access more riding areas with our families.
Jeff Zindel 9/6/20 8:30 AM Really hoping to see this pass so that more people are able to use their UTV’s and we can bring in more tourism.
Nick Corey 9/6/20 8:37 AM I support this proposal
Brian run 9/6/20 8:38 AM I support having licensed all wheeled vehicles on the roads.
Jered Pollock 9/6/20 8:49 AM Why not? Safety is most definitely a major concern, but any class of ATV on road with 4 wheels appears to be safer then a standard motorcycle in my opinion. I believe you will see a majority of “side by sides” taking advantage of this proposal which are not much smaller then a mid size sedan and are equipped with seatbelts/harnesses and a roll cage. I believe they are safer then a motorcycle and should be viewed as equal. Furthermore, this will bring much needed additional revenue via licensing. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Douglas Sherman 9/6/20 10:08 AM As long as the ATV is street legal it should be allowed on roads up to 50 mph. Our Polaris Razor is safer than a motorcycle and is no different than a jeep.
David Livernash 9/6/20 10:11 AM My family loves having the opportunity to ride our side-by-side into town. We run to get snacks and look for deer. It’s a nice way to spend time together.
Laura Dunham 9/6/20 10:30 AM Please allow street legal UTVs in WA!
Ted Jackson 9/6/20 12:19 PM Yes please support WATV Access Expansion Ordinance!
Dan Wade 9/6/20 1:07 PM I support the proposal. ATV and UTV are useful means of rural transportation and recreation.
William R Leavitt 9/6/20 2:10 PM my family and myself would love to have more roads opened up for us to ride/drive our street legal ATV'S and UTV'S on. It would also open up a lot more access to be able to shop at business & eat at restaurants. Not to mention all the lakes and parks we would be able to visit & enjoy. Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to voice my interest.
William Klein 9/6/20 3:26 PM I’ve been laying on road taxes thru gasoline tax and hwy tax for many years now, as it pertains to my sxs. It’s about time we are to legally access the trail systems on roads 35 mph and slower in unincorporated pierce county. This county is very slow in adopting these laws as several major county’s have them in place, with little to no issues. it’s about time we’re represented with the taxation rather than being ignored and pushed to the side.
Chris Guffey 9/6/20 3:34 PM I recently moved from Pierce County after living there for the past 11 years. But am looking into moving back there soon. I support this ordinance 100% if Washington state has approved on road use then each county should as well. Thanks the decision may justPersuade me to move back to your beautiful county
Daniel Vela 9/6/20 8:12 PM I was a bad seed growing up and it wasn't till recently I found a group of people that's family oriented and showed me a great way to keep my kids off the streets making the mistake that I made Instead they get to ride
Jed Kelly 9/6/20 10:09 PM Thanks for your approval.
Nick cline 9/7/20 7:28 AM Please support all ordinances to expand Wheeled ATV use.
Shonna Pessemier 9/7/20 3:59 PM We support
Shonna Pessemier 9/7/20 4:00 PM We support
Rebecca Brown 9/7/20 4:53 PM Please add more area and roads we can ride our street legal side by sides on in pierce county thank you
Tyler Bjorgo 9/7/20 5:29 PM I own a atv/utv and want to be able to ride on the roads in my town and county
Steve Gagne 9/7/20 5:54 PM I am in support of increasing ORV access to the rest of Pierce County. I live close to the current ORV test route and would like to be able to access it legally from home and connect to dinning, shopping and other activities that we could support. So please vote to expand WATV Access to more county roads. Thank you
Eric Sutton 9/7/20 6:02 PM 100% agree that this ordinance should be expanded on to allow more access to WATV on public roads.
Jill Cartwright 9/8/20 9:42 AM The entire point to the original ATV law was to allow "Garage to Trailhead" access for ATV users, but to what Trailhead I ask? The Foothills Rails to Trails? Forest Service Roads? Wilderness Areas? Primitive Roads? WATV's were created for Off-Road driving, as the name implies, they are designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most other vehicles, who's kidding who? And who is going to enforce these laws? Sounds like an elite group of people who feel very privileged and want to ride their Off-Road vehicles wherever they like. There are very few legal trails for WATV’s to ride on, giving them access to more county paved roads will only lead them to every trail imaginable, has the Council really thought about all the consequences involved in this proposal? This new proposed area including Orting and Buckley is not the same as Eatonville, it is more populated, we have one of the largest housing development’s in the country being built in neighboring Bonney Lake with over 9,000 homes.
Robert Razey 9/8/20 8:07 PM I think it's a great idea thanks
Matthew Sehlin 9/9/20 9:21 AM I support Proposed Ordinance No 2020-90! Please adopt!
Matthew Sehlin 9/9/20 9:21 AM I support Proposed Ordinance No 2020-90! Please adopt!
Matthew Sehlin 9/9/20 9:21 AM I support Proposed Ordinance No 2020-90! Please adopt!
Nick Tubbs 9/10/20 8:38 PM Taking a SXS on trips around town is 1 of my kids favorite things to do when short on time. Can’t always load up & head out for the day. They love just taking a ride in the rzr even if it’s only for a few min, opening more roads makes that even better
Tirzah Fortner 9/16/20 8:43 AM Please expand the route! My kiddos and I love using our RZR to go fishing and kayaking, we even tow a littke trailer with a canoe or dirtbikes.
Joseph Chacon 9/16/20 8:44 AM I 100% support this ordinance. I'm not sure what district I'm in as the box wouldn't open but I live in Bonney Lake and there are a ton of people that have sxs's and pay the annual tab fee to use the roads.
Jason maxwell 9/16/20 8:49 AM I oppose this proposal...
Jerry Harris 9/16/20 8:51 AM I support this proposal.I got cowlitz county to ok watvs legal on roads 35mph and lower.we have not had one accident or citations with watvs since it was implemented over a year ago.I urge you to make it legal in pierce county.
Kim bendel 9/16/20 9:05 AM Support!
Michelle chacon 9/16/20 9:08 AM Bonney lake
Rich Maxey 9/16/20 9:10 AM Please support this action. It would be a great benefit for local communities and businesses.
Joe williamson 9/16/20 9:12 AM Please allow this new ordinance it will connect cities who allow watv to connect and also make it possible for families to go on a fun cruise and make memories, grew up my whole life riding around the county and we need to keep more things fun in pierce county and allow people to participate in fun recreational activity!
Nick Corey 9/16/20 9:19 AM I support this Proposal
Greg Stott 9/16/20 9:20 AM Thank you for keeping this issue in work. I am a supporter and user of the Evans Creek OR park. I think it is a very important recreational desire and a must to keep it open. That you, Greg
Phillip zellner 9/16/20 9:23 AM The information on the site/page is not accessible. I support wheeled ATV routes and would like to see the proposed plan and have input in the matter.thank you
Klayton Pike 9/16/20 9:24 AM Proposed Ordinance No. 2020-90 Please approve above ordinance as many of us have purchased atv/utv’s and would like to be able to use them to run errands, access orb trails from approved county roads. We have spent a lot of money to buy and maintain this equipment and would like to get more use from them. With the right equipment that is already required to make vehicles street legal there is not much difference from a motorcycle. The majority of owners are hard working responsible enthusiasts that follow the laws approved by lawmakers. Please consider approving this Proposal.
Bryan Hamby 9/16/20 9:25 AM Please vote yes to expand WATV Travel and Tourism routes.Thank you.
Jean Sumalabe 9/16/20 9:26 AM I fully support this. The more places we are able to go the more opportunities we have to spend money on local businesses.
Eric Sutton 9/16/20 9:27 AM Its awesome to see the county showing some interest in this matter. All of these smaller towns and communities are in areas where the use of off road machines provide great forms of transportation. Many other states have adopted these machines for on road use and its a great boost for the sport as well as the community. Thanks for your time!
Richard Chacon 9/16/20 9:27 AM Open up the roads that our money is paying for when we purchase tabs!
Richard Chacon 9/16/20 9:27 AM Open up the roads that our money is paying for when we purchase tabs!
Kelvin Berg 9/16/20 9:27 AM We need to approve this for our economy. Utvs are a rapidly growing form of recreation.
Michelle Chaney 9/16/20 9:33 AM I support this proposal
Justin Griffith 9/16/20 9:44 AM With the safety features that are on the UTV that are street legal these are safer than motorcycles. There are street legal dirt bikes and if you get hit on a dirt bike there is waaaaay more damage then you would sustain in the exact same accident in a UTV. I am in favor of this proposal. Thanks
Casper Garcia 9/16/20 9:49 AM Why have on road tabs and not allow us to ride?
Richard Swanstrom 9/16/20 9:51 AM I support this.
Carrie Veldhuizen 9/16/20 9:52 AM I fully support WATV access expansion in Pierce County
Ryan Torres 9/16/20 9:54 AM We would like to be able to drive our sxs's on all roads 35mph and under.
Justin kelley 9/16/20 10:00 AM Let us ride on the streets we already pay for.
Glenda York-Hoth 9/16/20 10:04 AM I want to be able to ride off road
Chris Guffey 9/16/20 10:07 AM I support the decision of WATV on public roads of 35 mph or less. The vehicles and operators are just as safe if not even safer than the everyday drivers out on the public highways and city streets
Kelsi Williamson 9/16/20 10:29 AM 100 percent support this! UTVs are a huge part of our community!
Alisha Roberts 9/16/20 10:36 AM In Washington state we need more places for legal outdoor recreational sports including ATV riding. ATV, MX and Side by Side riders bring in revenue for the surrounding areas. We buy gas at your gas stations, groceries at your stores, and eat out at your restaurants. We are respectful of the laws and regulations of the area and want to keep legal riding areas open for our enjoyment for years to come. Pass this legislation to bring revenue to your area and a legal place locally to ride. Thank You
Paul Routos 9/16/20 10:50 AM I support this
Sarah Finch 9/16/20 10:54 AM If this proposal passes it will bring folks like myself to pierce county from other areas to recreate and spend money. This ordinance was passed in Snohomish county and has not resulted in added issues or costs. We utilize our street legal ATV to dine out, shop and recreate all over Snohomish county.
Jed 9/16/20 10:56 AM Thank you for your consideration and support.
Debora Klingenberg 9/16/20 11:11 AM Please open the ability for the use of legal ATV's
Rachel Higgins 9/16/20 11:12 AM I support the proposal
Aschley Durham 9/16/20 11:32 AM There is absolutely no reason for a sideXside that is street legal to not be allowed on roads.
Shari Chacon 9/16/20 11:38 AM I vote for and agree that atv’s that are licences for the road should be allowed to travel on various roadways. I also think the speed limit should be raised to 45 to make it accessible to get from one town to another without trailering atv to legal roadway.
Rich torrey 9/16/20 11:46 AM I own a utv and have paid for the installation of a street legal kit. Ibe paid for the inspection and the fees to have the on road tag. I'd appreciate the consideration of having a more wide spread utv routes in Washington state. Thanks Rich
LUKE CHERMAK 9/16/20 12:05 PM I don't live in Pierce but in Kitsap. I visit often and support this ordinance.
Damon Coffell 9/16/20 12:14 PM I Damon Coffell strongly support keeping open and expanding WATV Access expansion! Thanks for your time.
John rebar 9/16/20 12:14 PM I support making it leagal for us all to be able to use the roads we pay tabs for
Brad Mayberry 9/16/20 12:30 PM More roads should allow WATV access. Licensed and tabbed OHV should be granted the same access to county roads 35mph or less. We pay for vehicle licensing that pays taxes for roads and to not allow legal vehicles to drive on roads the tabs tax helps is wrong and criminal.
Kurt Zimmerman 9/16/20 12:33 PM We need more options and locations and ability to operate our machines. We spend thousands of dollars on these and some of us aren't able to get out as much and would gladly drive them more on road if the law permitted. We pay to get them licensed and street legal and insured why not let us use them? They are safer vehicles with the seat belts or harnesses we've installed, roll cage and other features. We just want more options and reasons to drive the vehicles we love. We aren't out to hurt anyone or damage anyone's property or livelihood. We just want to be recognized like everyone else.
LINDSAY QUIROZ 9/16/20 12:42 PM Not all wheelers are jerks! We love going to the carbanado area and love close! It would be awesome to be able to drive out there in a WATV
Paul siminiski 9/16/20 12:47 PM I support all motorized vehicle
George Elias 9/16/20 12:50 PM This is great for local people for riding as well as bringing in tourist dollar in to the local community.
Lorna Zarkowski Fuller 9/16/20 12:58 PM I support clear laws for use of utvs on public roads.
Mike Collins 9/16/20 1:09 PM I support Ordinance 2020-90
Jonathan W Iyall 9/16/20 1:48 PM Please open as many roads as possible to UTV and ATV. I do not live in Pierce county but I would participate in recreational activities in Pierce county if more roads were open to ATVs
Eric Shay 9/16/20 2:26 PM It would be great to run my kids from in-laws in Buckley up to there friends in carbonado, and would definitely make more stops at shops in Wilkinson.
SHONNA PESSEMIER 9/16/20 3:44 PM I support. If we can ride an actual bicycle on the road, why can we not drive licensed vehicles?
Tyler Bjorgo 9/16/20 3:46 PM I would like to be able to use my licensed vehicle around my town.
Mike kelley 9/16/20 3:56 PM Let this happen.
Derrick Baines 9/16/20 4:38 PM I support this 100%.
Stephen Gutsch 9/16/20 4:54 PM I think this would be great to have more roads to explorer on me and my kids drive the side by side on the current atv route and it’s a dead end each way would be cool if we could drive on all 35 mph roads the sxs are still safer then riding a motorcycle on the street with todays distracted drivers
Katrina Nugent 9/16/20 4:58 PM I fully support the use of utv on designated areas where laws are obeyed and hope the county opens more areas up for these atv/utvs.
Jake Nugent 9/16/20 5:00 PM my family and I support the use of utv on designated roads where mph can be up held and the flow of traffic maintained. I think the proposal to allow for more roads to be used should be passed.
Kevin Hembree 9/16/20 6:06 PM please keep the roads open to UTV, ATV USE, it actually needs expanded, thanks Kevin H
Kelsey Torrey 9/16/20 7:04 PM I support this proposal.
Debbie Nielsen 9/16/20 7:05 PM I very much support this proposal!!
Shawn ODonnell 9/16/20 7:31 PM I support the ability to to operate street legal UTV’s on city and county roads.
Kim Schmidt 9/16/20 10:19 PM yes!!!!
Jeff Merryman 9/17/20 3:37 AM Opening up the roads to ATV travel should have been allowed a long time ago. It's just another form of transportation like tractors, horse's, cars and so on. Please stop being over reaching government and let us travel via what ever mode of transportation we choose.
Randy Johnson 9/17/20 5:38 AM I support it in all districts.
Joe Thacker 9/17/20 6:21 AM I have lived in Bonney Lake all my life and use these roads for multiple reasons, hiking, fishing, hunting, and riding ATV’s. I DO NOT want to see another road get taken away from the ORV community. I am always respectful of the area and the people that live in it, as are everyone I know that uses these roads. I would hate to see another area lost to a few bad apples.
Mike & Laura Trout 9/17/20 6:31 AM We support opening the roads to motorized ATV use.
John Heater 9/17/20 6:34 AM We need to continue to expand access for wheeled ATV’s and support tourism expansion opportunities.
Kerry bozarth 9/17/20 7:57 AM Please pass the ordinance to allow atv access. There aren’t many places for us to legally ride. We Are responsible and need places to ride. Thank you.
Robert Hoth 9/17/20 9:01 AM Lots of money in UTV's. Makes to much sense.
Melissa Rooney 9/17/20 11:34 AM Watv are a great alternate form of transportation and are not any less safe than motorcycles that are allowed on roads.
Katey Peterson 9/17/20 4:22 PM I am in support of this ordinance.
Katey Peterson 9/17/20 4:22 PM I am in support of this ordinance.
Bryan Peterson 9/17/20 4:24 PM I am in support of this ordinance.
Bryan Peterson 9/17/20 4:24 PM I am in support of this ordinance.
Casey C 9/18/20 5:07 AM I support this proposal as I believe the 4 wheeled all terrain vehicles have the right to be allowed on designated roadways if properly setup to do so. I am a law enforcement officer and see no problem with having them on the roadways. They are not much smaller than standard motor vehicles and surprisingly larger than some. From the manufacturer these all terrain vehicles are equipped with adequate safety features if used properly. The ones opposing this, I believe have never owned on of these nor have driven one. They’re much like a stand motor vehicle and pose no more threat to other motorists than a standard vehicle. Driving properly upon roadways is a choice, everyone has to choose to obey the laws and based upon the amount of traffic stops I’ve made in my profession you cannot not stop ones from driving improperly or speeding. Driving is a responsibility and a privilege. Ones who make a choice not to follow posted speed limits or break laws make the conscious decision to do so. Allowing these all terrain vehicles/ UTV’s AKA- side by sides onto designated roadways poses no additional threat to home owners or other motorists, than standard motor vehicles. I believe allowing these on the road should/would provide easier access to designated off-road parks instead of cluttering roadways with parked trailers.
Dave Hooker 9/18/20 7:15 PM Please allow more use of Licensed UTV's on public roads. We pay full price for plates, we pay full price for insurance we paid extra to make our UTV's street legal but have extremely limited road use available to us. Thanks for considering my comment. Dave
Robert Warren 9/18/20 7:46 PM I support the proposed ordinance
Terry brown 9/19/20 2:54 PM Please approve more roads we can use for street legal side by sides, if tiny smart cars and motorcycles can be legal on all roads so should legal side by sides
chuck 9/21/20 8:36 AM It is disingenuous to the think that ATV users emboldened by this ordinance will not choose to use their vehicles as defined and designed to go off road. Users already ignore 2019-29 to use travel county, Forest Service and State roadways where use is prohibited. Did the DNS reach out to or consider the impacts on public and private land owners along all the roadways?
Mike Hougardy 9/21/20 9:10 AM This needs to be approved
Jennifer Peterson 9/22/20 8:53 AM It is great to see the UTV route in place and I would like it expanded. As an owner of a side by side with a full roll cage and full coverage on road car insurance I would like to be able to traverse the roads the same as someone who can do so on a moped. It’s great family time and the long rides with stops help support local business.