Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2019-10s

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Authorizing the Executive to Enter into a Long-Term Ground Lease with Chambers Bay Resort, LLC Allowing Construction of a Hotel and Resort on a Portion of the Chambers Creek Properties. (Long Term Ground Lease - Chambers Creek Properties)

Effective: May 20, 2019

Status: Passed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Dave Morell, Douglas G. Richardson

Final votes

May 7, 2019
Aye Aye Aye Nay Aye Aye Aye
May 7, 2019
Aye Aye Aye Nay Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Margaret (Kim) Oman 3/18/19 10:56 AM I have read the GLA online. My two major concerns are the language in there giving the developer first rights to all 930 acres of Chambers Creek Regional Park if the golf course goes under. The other problem is there is no language in there to protect the park for the citizens of Pierce County.
Margaret (Kim) Oman 3/18/19 10:56 AM I have read the GLA online. My two major concerns are the language in there giving the developer first rights to all 930 acres of Chambers Creek Regional Park if the golf course goes under. The other problem is there is no language in there to protect the park for the citizens of Pierce County.
Tracy A Williamson 4/16/19 8:41 AM Good Morning Pierce County Council Members- I have been a resident of Pierce County for over 50. I have several concerns regarding Chambers Bay lease agreement. 1) You say that that you have done community outreach regarding this. A large number of the Pierce County citizens have not heard about phase 2 and the option for developer to purchase the land upon failure. 2) Did you post signs with the original bid and then what the lease looks like as of today? You have expanded it beyond the scope of the original bid. People we have talked to did not know about phase two with the option to purchase land upon the course failing. The course is failing because it is not for the people. The golf course currently serves the elite. The golf course is priced too high and no one can use golf carts on the grounds. What park in Pierce County supports itself? 3) The lease is not tight enough to keep this property for the PEOPLE! I do not see any signs along Grandview or even on the bulletin board along the walk way or anywhere else, that has a public presence, that shows Phase 1, 2 and the lease agreement. 4) There is no language to prevent turning the rentals into condominiums, meaning we don’t get hotel taxes going back into the community AND we lose our public space to private owners 5) There is no language to prevent him from expanding the construction hinging on whether the golf course fails and they sell (and he has first right of refusal on managing the golf course. What’s to stop him from running it into the ground? He stands to make MILLIONS!) 6) The park is losing money right now – but the bond the tax payers took out to develop the park is up in 15 years when the course WILL be making money. His rent is short term until he can buy and make his money. Our community deserves better. 7) The plans include building along Grandview minimizing the public’s enjoyment from the top trail. The top trail is easy for those that have walkers, etc... 8) The construction he plans on the golf course will nullify the classification. As of right now, it is an official Jones course. 9) He is NOT the only developer that would be interested in this project. Let’s find one that cares about the community. If the County is going to include phase two and a possible option to buy the land then the bids need to be open again for others to participate. This is not what other contractors bid for. This is not fair to other contractors. 10) The land is meant for the PEOPLE, not for the possibility to be sold! [Res 92-91 -- Res. 92-91 7/28/92 Accepted, approved, and ratified execution of agreement to purchase the 610- acre Lone Star Northwest Steilacoom gravel pit for purpose of providing property for present and future public uses and purposes of a wastewater facility.} {Ord. 92-156S 12/15/92 Authorized the issuance of Sewer Revenue Bonds to pay for the purchase of the Lone Star site and to amend Ord. 91-166S2 to modify the budget for the utility funds.] This agreement is being totally mismanaged. The people of Pierce County deserve better from you. We deserve more transparency, truthfulness, and for YOU to work in OUR best interest. Respectfully, Tracy Williamson 9824 59th Street Court W University Place, WA 98467 Mailing is PO Box 65117 Tacoma, WA 98464
Venus Dergan 4/24/19 4:46 PM I attended the In District 4 Meeting 4/16/2019. I have additional questions and requests listed below. I believe there should be transparency and due diligence as this decision will set precedence for parks throughout the region. Parks are for the tax paying citizens not special interests. Most citizens will not benefit from this resort. Private development and residency is not for public parks. Your decision will be your legacy. Be responsible and request an EIS as there will be environmental impact during construction and operation if approved. You don't want a debacle like the City of Tacoma. My questions and requests are below. Please do your due diligence. Thank you. Q-Who is the assigned council for this project? Q – Has this decision already been made? (The wording has suggest so.) Q- Please explain the 90 days of exclusive use in the summer by developer? (As mentioned in March PC Meeting.) Q - What is the feedback on the Pierce County website? . Q -Is this private use of public park part of the Master Plan? Q -Why this specific location on the golf course out of the 930 acres? Q- What will be the full impact to the public? Q –Will there be limitation to public access to open space, trails meadows for picnics and parking? Q- What is the complete IMPACT to the picnic areas, dog parks, and trails? Q What specifically is the full impact to the public walking trails? Q-How will Resort handle complaints of public noise? (Dogs barking, KIDS PLAYING, kites flying?) Q- Who and how will the County handle complaints about the Resort? Q – Will residency be allowed at any time? Q- What is the time period for “Extended Stay”. Q-What is the financial gain to Pierce County and its citizens from this resort project? Q - What is the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT? Q-Has an Environmental Impact Statement been requested? (impacts during construction, and resort use) *No facts have been provided to the public or Council of suggested losses. *No facts have been provided to the public or Council of Pierce County’s monetary gains of this project Below I have public requests: *PUBLIC REQUEST - An audit to verify the specific losses and proposed profits to be received by Pierce County. *PUBLIC REQUEST- Please release the financials to the Council and public showing Specific losses. *Public REQUEST- Request for an EIS to show environmental Impact. *PUBLIC REQUEST - Request for the developers marketing analysis.
Emily Robinson 5/2/19 12:18 PM 2019-10s. Concerning the proposed development of Chamber's Bay Park. Please do not allow private development on public parks. This could start a horrible precedence to allow private development on all our city and county parks. Chamber's Bay is a favorite park among my family and friends, and is often used as an escape from the hustle and bustle of our urban lives. We do not want to see it become a 'resort'.
T. Williamson 5/3/19 9:42 AM 1) Can you tell me what the original Pierce County call for this bid included; and what has been added since accepting the bid from Chambers Bay Resort LLC? 2) A few of the men from the Chambers Bay Resort LLC talk about the legacy they want to leave their children. What about the legacy that Pierce County Council needs to leave the citizens of Pierce County? The legacy was the intent for this to be a park and nothing else. [Res 92-91 -- Res. 92-91 7/28/92 Accepted, approved, and ratified execution of agreement to purchase the 610- acre Lone Star Northwest Steilacoom gravel pit for purpose of providing property for present and future public uses and purposes of a wastewater facility.} 3) Why will the county be leasing back the pro-shop? Does the developer become the landlord and we become the tenant? 4) In regards to section 1.05.2. Is the county the tenant, in terms of the $1,000,000 cost of construction, or is the LLC? If so, why are we spending money that you say we do not have? 5) In regards to section 1.05.4. Why is the county spending money on removal of the existing temporary facilities, etc..? 6) Does this lease agreement allow Chambers Bay Resort LLC to sell any portion of the property that they have? 7) Who holds the mortgages on the long term villas? If this project fails, does the county get the property that the villa’s sit on back? 8) In regards to section 20.10. Is the $.30 per 100 cubic feet of water the standard rate? Why is there no occasional increase of payment over the 50 to 100 year lease? 9) What if the LLC fails, for example files bankruptcy during this lease agreement? Is the County stuck with the buildings? Who will pay to demolish these buildings including the villas? 10) Who will hold the folks accountable to being good neighbors during construction? I live right across the street from the proposed construction site; and have heard horror stories from folks who have lived near an Absher Construction site. 11) Will the villas that run along Grandview be below the grade of the walking trail? If not, this will destroy the beautiful view from that part of the trail. If you say that there will be a better view somewhere else will it be easily for folks that are using walkers, strollers, canes, to access without driving down the hill? 12) Will the folks from JBLM still be able to do their running in the morning through the trail or will this disrupt the folks that are renting the villa’s and hotel? 13) Do you believe that only two community outreaches regarding this was sufficient. How can we trust you our future? I believe that this is a huge error on your part to destroy this property with buildings. The legacy you will be leaving to the citizens of Pierce County will be detrimental. This lease agreement (SALE) is a temporary fix to the budget. What Pierce County Park makes money or breaks even. The citizens of Pierce County pay for parks. We also paid for this with sewer bonds. Please do not DESTROY this gorgeous piece of property!
Tony Randall 5/7/19 1:15 PM Any consideration or allowance of extended-stay or long-term housing should NOT be approved and/or allowed. I ONLY support the Golf Course and Public space at Chambers Bay if it's kept strictly Public in nature and operation. I generally support the idea of a Hotel, banquet/meeting facility, restaurant and golf Club House as Public spaces and facilities. I do NOT support the idea of extended-stay or long-term housing. If such housing were allowed, I believe the Chambers Bay Public access and use will cease to 'feel, look and be' Public any longer. It would be as if we-the-Public, were walking through, around or amongst someone's personal residence(s). Those residents could be playing loud, intrusive and/or offensive music, tv or movies while individuals and families are around. Those residents could "party" and behave poorly while individuals and families are around. In a Hotel environment, removal of such patrons is easier versus a "resident" even with strict Lease verbiage. The Chambers Creek and Chambers Golf Course and Public areas must be kept strictly "Public". If that was never the intent, then remove the Golf Course, Sell the land and have developers put in higher end homes and collect property tax revenues. Just like this shouldn't be an Elitist Golf Course, it should also not be an Elitist residential development. Thank You.
Troy Storfjell 5/7/19 1:38 PM Not only does the 50-year lease, with option of renewal, and its cheap water costs, strike me as very poor planning (amounting to squandering our public resources), but the whole proposal strikes me as a way for a few people to get rich by stealing a wonderful resource from the people of Pierce County. We love the Chambers Bay Golf Course trails, and the open green area. It's one of the nicest things about living in this area, and there are many days throughout the year when my family and friends can be found enjoying the views, sights, sounds and smells of the trail beside the sound while getting a good workout in. Do not give this away to a poorly conceived project with little oversight. And if you have to take our trails away from us, at least get some good money for them, and hire reliable people to do it.
Elena C. Anderson 5/7/19 2:35 PM I strongly opposed the agreement with Chambers Bay Development LLC as currently written. It seems to favor the developer more that the public. In addition, I do NOT favor villas along Grandview (Phase 2) nor ANY "extended stay" housing development proposals (Phase 3) put for by Chambers Bay Development LLC. I would also like to see their market analysis which backs their claim that without villas and extended stays there wouldn't be enough profit. On a side note: Sell them the Environmental Services building and surrounding property (east of the ESB) with the sole intent of building a Hotel/Resort with extended stay housing away from currently existing public trails (specifically Grandview Trail). Let us have a smaller footprint left on our green spaces! Also, Joe Stortini told us over the weekend a relative of his works for the construction company slated with building the "condominiums" at Chambers Bay Golf Course. If that relative says there are condos planned I have a REAL problem with that! NO RESIDENTIAL/EXTENDED STAY HOUSING ON PUBLIC PARK LANDS!