Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2016-89s

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Adopting a New Chapter 8.98 of the Pierce County Code, "Veterans Assistance Programs"; Amending Section 2.06.010 of the Pierce County Code, "Executive Departments - Appointive Directors" to Assign Duties for the Administration of Veterans Assistance Programs; Adopting a New Chapter 2.75 of the Pierce County Code, "Pierce County Veterans Advisory Board" to Advise Pierce County on Needs Related to Indigent Pierce County Veterans; Repealing Chapter 2.74 of the Pierce County Code, "Pierce County Veterans Bureau"; Rendering Null and Void Agreements Between Pierce County and the Pierce County Veterans Advisory Council Executed Prior to the Effective Date of This Ordinance; Repealing Ordinance No. 82-74, "Ordinance of the Veterans Advisory Council"; and Requiring an Annual Report from the Department of Community Connections.

Effective: March 19, 2017

Status: Passed

Final votes

February 28, 2017
Excused Aye Aye Excused Aye Aye Excused

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
David Green 11/22/16 1:00 PM I oppose Proposed Ordinance 2016-89 as it violates both the intent and letter of RCW 73.08.010. Executive Pat McCarthy and Council member Ladenburg by previously (and illegally) disbanding the statute required Pierce County Veteran Advisory board, THEN attempting to pass the ordinance AND create another veteran advisory board staffed with out-of-touch Community Connection director cronies and other levy funding poor program directors, also violated the letter of RCW 73.08.035 and RCW 73.08.010. The Veteran Bureau is by statute meant to be independent of County administration, and the "initial point of contact for veteran and family members seeking assistance".Lastly, this ordinance is a backward attempt to cover over the questionable activities of the previous Vet Bureau manager, as reported by the State Auditor, and his supervisor, and the unwarranted relocation of staff to the basement. Ordinance 2016-89 should be removed from consideration.