Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2016-39s

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Amending Section 17C.60.230 of the Pierce County Code, "Fireworks," to Restrict the Days and Hours When Fireworks May Be Sold and Discharged; and Setting an Effective Date.

Effective: January 1, 2018

Status: Completed

Sponsors: Councilmembers Connie Ladenburg

Final votes

October 25, 2016
Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Annee Morris 7/5/16 2:38 PM It about time after four fires in our neighborhood last year. I want to know how to start a proposal for a complete ban.
Donna Spurgeon 7/5/16 2:57 PM I strongly support this. For the last week, we have had non-stop very loud fireworks going off day and night and into the wee hours of the morning. It sounds like a war zone. It is an infringement on our peace and quiet and those were obviously illegal fireworks!
Helen Fowler 7/5/16 3:14 PM I love the proposal as it is currently proposed, leaving July 1 thru 4 to buy fireworks and only discharging them on the 4th. I can vouch that my husband likes the proposal as well as my family. After years of feeling under siege every year, it's nice to see relief is in sight. It still allows individuals one day to party, and hopefully they can be happier with that than with a complete ban. Thank you for what you are trying to accomplish.
Larry Bailey 7/7/16 11:33 AM RE Ordinance 2016-39, Larry Bailey, Clean Food farm Booms and explosions started June 30 around 10 pm and went on all of the following nights July 1, 2,3, and 4th until past 2 am each night. Our farm is located at 20508 Orville Rd E, Orting. The current law allows fireworks for several days prior to 4th of July until 11pm, and then midnight on the 4th. Our neighbors believed their rights to explode things are above all else so several farm neighbors called 911 on 6 separate occasions but the Pierce County dispatcher was not responsive and refused to take any action. Apparently, there is some internal Sheriffs department policy that is not public information: it takes 3 separate households to make the same complaint before a sheriff will come or even acknowledge our complaint. Our 400 hens were spooked as well as our cattle production is down by half. Our farm neighbors across the street, Tahoma Farms, had their glass front door shattered by an unidentified firework shell leaving behind singe marks. Does it really take a burnt down home or a field full of animals or 100 acres of hay to be lost before action is taken by the Sherriff or the County Council? If the County Council says it supports Agriculture here is a means to step up to the plate and help us out.. I urge each council member to support this reasonable measure which restricts fireworks to July 4 from 10 am to midnight. It is a reasonable compromise and I think farmers like us can live with this. Sincerely, Larry Bailey Clean Food Farm Mail: PO Box 2104, Orting WA 98360 Street: 20508 Orville Rd East, Orting WA 98360 Email: Ph 206-419-7920
Helen Fowler 8/15/16 7:49 PM I support the limited days for purchase and the one day for discharge of fireworks, and thank you very much for your work on this. This will not stop those who are determined to have their fun, but it certainly limits the time it must be endured by the wildlife and pets and livestock affected by it. Not to mention the expense in vet bills and medication spent to help our animals during this time of terror for them. Thank you, again.
Rachel Dickson 8/15/16 11:40 PM Let's spend our time and effort focusing on employment, education, roads etc. Fireworks are well managed here and it's already a shirt window to celebrate. We don't need more regulations
Michael Isun 8/16/16 7:39 AM To Whom it may concern, I would like to voice my opinion in the matter of the alteration of Pierce County code 2016-39. I do NOT think that this ordinance should be amended at all and here are my reasons why: 1. The days of selling fireworks in Pierce County would be restricted from eight (8) down to four (4) days. This limitation of selling fireworks can hinder fund raising events from youth sports organizations, local schools, church groups, and many other nonprofit organizations 2. Limiting sales of fireworks can also cause economic impact to people that make and/or sell fireworks in Pierce County. Thunder Fireworks/Black Cat is based in Pierce County. This could hurt their business and force people to lose their jobs. Last I checked we want people working, not out of work. 3. Limiting the discharge period to one (1) day down from nine (9) is absurd and completely un-American. Fireworks are to represent the “bombs bursting in air” which didn’t happen on only one evening and it wasn’t on the 4th of July. I see kids lighting off fireworks for about a week before July 4th. Their little faces light up and they have fun. Neighbors that normally don’t communicate or hangout actually talk with each other and build a stronger community. 4. Limiting the discharge of fireworks to one night could cause more fires in one evening. I personally have in the past lit off fireworks June 30th or July 1st because there was less of a fire hazard. Limiting the discharge of fireworks give people less evenings as options to safely light off fireworks and not risk burning down houses or neighborhoods. 5. The number of people that want this change are minimal compared to the amount of people that don’t. You have a few people that speak out and they ruin it for everyone else. Say there are 350,000 in unincorporated Pierce County. If 1,000 of those people speak out that still leaves 349,000 people that don’t want the law changed. Unless math has changed in the recent past, 349,000 is a lot more than 1,000 and would represent the majority. Unless 175,001 people want the change then I don’t see a reason to change this ordinance. There are many more worthwhile causes out there to spend time on then fireworks in celebration of this great Nation! 6. I am an animal lover and in fact own a Shih-Tzu. Her name is Daisy and she is deathly afraid of fireworks. Every year she gets scared around the 4th of July and I feel bad for her. However, that does not prevent me from lighting off fireworks and enjoying the celebration of FREEDOM that we all have. Lighting off fireworks is a way that we the people get to partake in that celebration. 7. This proposed restriction is only going to hurt law abiding citizens. People that want to light off fireworks any other day of the year are still going to light off fireworks whenever they want. Every Sunday after a Seahawk victory I hear 4-5 different households lighting off mortors in celebration of the victory. On New Year’s I hear and see fireworks going off at midnight and that is a time that is already banned under Pierce County code. Doesn’t seem like the current code is working all too well based on these examples, so why add to the restrictions? 8. Having law enforcement respond to the calls for people that are lighting off fireworks in non-sanctioned times is a waste of tax payer dollars. The officers are in a position to server and protect. Responding to responsible adults and kids lighting off fireworks when they could be responding to a more serious crime is not serving and protecting the majority. That is a waste of resources and something that I am sure the officers would not want to do. I know I wouldn’t want to tell a father and his 8 year old son that they can’t light off fireworks because of a small minority of people. The sad thing is, is that the 8 year old will forever have a grudge against police after that and with what is happening in our nation as of late, I think we can do without more of that. Thanks for your time in hearing out my objections. Michael Isun 253.304.3793
Dawn R. Brekke 8/16/16 10:38 AM While I would prefer a complete ban on fireworks, I do support this proposal. This is a step in the right direction. Thank you for taking the initiative.
Chris Verhasselt 8/16/16 11:49 AM Will you provide funding to those non profits which make money off of firework sales? Reduced selling hours means reduced profits? How do you plan to enforce this ban? Will you also propose a ban to playing music with out head phones on a bus, train or in public area within Pierce County? Also, will you propose a ban on cars with the whiney mufflers that are too loud? What about a ban on cars playing music too loudly in public and residential areas? If your going to address noise complaints for one thing, why not all of them.
Grant C Sulham 8/16/16 2:18 PM Fireworks are a problem that is not limited to the Fourth of July. It seems that New Years Eve has lots of explosions as well as every Seahawks game. Finally there is "Just because." We were involved when Bonney Lake changed its ordinances. I have little doubt that some of the same issues will appear with this action. (Bonney Lake now limits the times and dates. The homeowner can now be ticketed and fined.) First was the view that the problem was with those complaining. "It's only for a day or two." That complaints would die down until next year. Second was the view that enforcement was difficult. This included going on to private property and determining exactly who set off the fireworks. Last, I heard how the bomb square would be needed to transport confiscated fireworks! Stop there the bomb squad? Why then were fireworks allowed anywhere? One oddity was the youth groups that protested. They make a great deal of their money off fireworks sales. Last was "the sound of freedom" and "rights." People, I served in the military for 27 years. Explosions at 2AM are not "rights." I have to medicate my animals but the drugs don't have much real effect. The fireworks need to be controlled. In particular fireworks purchased from reservations need to be made highly illegal. The fix is simple. Catch some of the scofflaws, make examples of them and it will be clear to others that things have changed. Right now, there is no risk of punishment
M. Judith Ferguson 8/16/16 5:24 PM I give this 100 Thumbs up. As a resident on the non-water side of East Side Drive in Browns Point, my family has been held hostage on our property during the fireworks season for the last 30 years with neighbors shooting incendiary devises from above us, below us and from the side. Additionally, as the only 'legal' teeny tiny area between Federal Way and Tacoma where lighting off fireworks is A-OK, outsiders do make this a destination location. While we would prefer a total ban, this is a huge step in the right direction! My family is very appreciative that this issue is finally being acted upon. We know that we'll still have to hunker down in 2017, but look forward to a saner 2018. I urge you to please adopt this ordinance.
Donna Sasser 8/16/16 8:34 PM I would support a complete ban. This is a good compromise.
Jerri Kelly 8/16/16 8:49 PM Short of banning them all together (my preference) this is better than the current ordinance.
Travis myers 8/17/16 6:17 AM Please leave it the way it is. Being able to celebrate on a day close to the fourth is why we live in Pierce County. Work schedules keep me from celebrating the 4th 3 out of 4 years with the proposed new legislation. Every new law is a freedom lost. And taxation is theft. Travis Myers
Barlow Buescher 8/17/16 7:11 AM Dear Members of the Council. While legislation is pretty useless without actual enforcement, anything is better than nothing. Fireworks are upsetting to many animals (in my case dogs) and to many veterans. On August 12 my terrified dog jumped onto the bed with my 97 year old mother-in law, tearing her age-fragile skin and necessitating emergency medical intervention. Please pass and enforce this ordinance. Respectfully, Barlow Buescher
Sharlene 8/17/16 12:29 PM Thank you. This is a good start, but I think full prohibition is the only answer. Obviously, I enjoy Steilacoom's law.
barb carrell 8/17/16 3:15 PM me, i prefer NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED anywhere except at planned shows. the animals, both domestic and wild, suffer greatly and me, i am sick of the noise, smell and the fireworks idiots set off weeks after the 4th if july.
Theodore Gustin 8/17/16 4:04 PM I am 100% AGAINST the passage of this proposal.
lance settlemyre 8/17/16 4:27 PM this should be amended to BAN all fireworks completely in rural pierce county..particularly in housing developments
Aaron Ohnstad 8/17/16 10:06 PM I fell like by limiting the sale deration even more would only have a small effect since most of the fireworks in complant are bought on tribal areas.Secondly the discharge hours ending at 12:00 are unrealistic10:00 am July 4 to 2:00am july 5 is more realistic seeing how Somtimes the holiday falls on the weekend .In conclusion I would like to add that laws and ordnances need to have special consideration one you make them somone has to enforce them with a already understaffed pierce county sheriff's department we need to use our resources wisely .
Sylvia Schnug 8/18/16 9:17 AM I support the proposal but fear the restrictions will not be enforced. I would prefer to see a ban. This year's fireworks were the worse they have ever been with regard to both quantity and duration.
Cinderella C Varin 8/18/16 10:14 AM Dear Council Members, I appreciate the fact you are trying to appease the county, however, I believe your fireworks proposal is a bit extreme. Fireworks sales are a boost for various fundraising opportunities. I myself have been selling for 3 years to benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The money I and my team raise is important to LLS as it funds research, helps patients with monies to pay for medical needs among many other things. By setting a limit, that means we lose a few days of sales, which means less money for the charities. Now I can tell you from experience the first couple days really don't make a lot, which in turn would mean, not many people are out creating noise and such. Native American sales are going to happen with or without your ordinance, and unfortunately there is nothing you could do to stop that. Sure you could possibly send out the police, but chances are whoever was doing would be done and gone before they arrived, also it's a waste of time when the police have other priorities. So please do not punish legitimate fireworks sellers by altering the dates. Let us continue raising our funds. A lot of expense from the team goes into fireworks sales for the week it is now available, that expense will be there even if you make the date change, so in fairness to us sellers, again, please don't change what is available to us. Thank you for your consideration, Cinderella (Cindi) Varin.
Linda T. Burgess 8/19/16 10:38 AM I enjoy watching fireworks on July 4 but think it is an excessive disruption for subsequent days. Also limiting timeframe reduces fire hazard and possible accidents.
Diana Knight 8/19/16 8:14 PM I support the proposal. I think it's very reasonable to limit the hours further than the current legislation. Fireworks pose many risks including personal injury and fires to both land and structures. Additionally, many animals including pets and livestock are scared or stressed by the noise and the flashes of light. It is not good for their health. People who enjoy fireworks around Independence Day can do so in the proposed timeframe without diminishing their celebration.
Jeremy Peterson 8/19/16 10:04 PM This purposal does not go far enough. We should impose an additional tax to help cover overtime of the police force so it's actually enforced. I live graham and for a two week period it turns into ww3. We can continue to write law but it must enforced and paid for.
Candace Watkins 8/20/16 7:42 AM I support more restricted fireworks laws but only if there is a plan on how to enforce them. I don't find that the public obeys the current restrictions so there is not much point in spending energy legislating additional restrictions without the ability to enforce them.
Linda Frank 8/20/16 7:45 AM Yes, a limit on fireworks to one day is long overdue. Our cats live in a state of panic for a week under the current law. It's also costly to taxpayers to keep this nutty "tradition" of allowing people to create alarming loud noises morning and night for a week.
Thomas Failor 8/20/16 8:05 AM The proposed ordinance is well intended but unenforceable. I've lived in the area for many years and despite restrictions and bans in Fircrest and University Place, neighbors still buy clearly illegal fireworks on the Indian reservations and discharge them at will. Prohibiting / Restricting sale times won't likely change this behavior without a new focus on enforcement mechanisms that change people's behavior.
John and Ethel Allen 8/20/16 8:52 AM Limit fireworks in rural Pierce County to only July 4th, like Puyallup and Tacoma does.For 1 week it was unbearable for people and animals. Plus all the noise, smell and trash littering the streets.
Michele Stamaris 8/20/16 8:59 AM I support this proposal. I live on South Hill Puyallup and it sounds like a battle zone on the fourth and fireworks constantly go off days before and after the 4th. I don't know how to enforce it but shortening the "sell" time would help immensely in my opinion.
James Miller 8/20/16 9:19 AM My wife and I totally support Councilwoman Ladenburg's fireworks restriction propsal. The more populated unincorporated Pierce County becomes the more dangerous and problematic fireworks become.
Judy Johnson 8/20/16 9:39 AM I would be happy if there were no fireworks sold but this is a good first step.
Matthew Owings 8/20/16 10:06 AM I'd like to get rid of them altogether.
Gordon Linbo 8/20/16 10:18 AM I support this proposal fully! It can sound like a war zone at my house for 3 to 4 nights into the early hours of the next day. I am also fearful of a fire starting from the rockets that I have found on and around my house and trees. I can not go to see and support a fireworks show somewhere because I have to stay home to make sure there isn't a fire. The noise causes stress for my dogs to the point that we have to drug them so they will not panic and try to run away or hurt themselves trying to get away from it. My neighbors have told me about friends asking if they could come to their house to light off the fireworks that they bought from the Indians because it is outlawed where they live. Thank God, they have said no. I do support the lighting of LEGAL fireworks on the day of July 4th.
Diane Frey 8/20/16 10:35 AM I would be so very happy to discontinue all fireworks, but feel the proposal of County Ordinance 2016-39 is a good compromise. I get very ill from the chemicals in the fireworks, and am always concerned about fires, and our dog is petrified. Please vote to limit the days of use to one!
EvelynBoyington 8/20/16 10:36 AM not sure of our district #....but would love to voice our opinion about restricting fireworks to only 4th of July....out here in Spanaway the fireworks are a total nuisance to people and pets...they start fireworks 2 weeks prior to the 4th and continue another week... how can we get control or this before one of our houses gets burned down. Thanks
Judith Frangooles 8/20/16 10:37 AM Every July 4th a war starts or that is what it sounds like at my farm.Since so many towns are restricting fireworks,people flock to rural areas where they should be not be used at all.I raise horses and it just takes one M 80 to spook the horse and drive them thru a fence thus ending career and in some cases their life.I called the Pierce County Sheriff 3 time. The officer stood in yard and witnessed illegal fireworks being set off at my neighbors.It was like a war zone.He went over to the neighbors to talk to them but nothing improved.I called and asked why nothing was done and the answer is the sheriff has no authority to search for evidence.The war continued and my other neighbor spend the whole night trying to calm her horse.Later that night,my neighbor and I witnessed the troublesome neighbor setting off lanterns that drifted off their property into my hay and my neighbors hay field.These lanterns were still flaming balls when the went down into the fields.I would like to see a ban on all fireworks or by special permit only.We need to restrict tribal fireworks from moving off the reservation and we need to give the sheriff the ability to shut down excessive and dangerous use.It appears that the number of officers on duty on the 4th is not sufficient and we need officers that will give more than a talking to.Hefty fines and strict enforcement should do the trick.We also need the courts to allow property damages from unruly neighbors with excessive fireworks.I now have a very nice horse who, after the 4th is not suitable for anything but a pasture pet.When I called to sheriff to get reports for legal purposes,no reports were written.This was 3 call to the same neighbor.What's with that!Having a celebration on your property should not cause your neighbors their home or other property.Please stop or greatly restrict fireworks use.
Dennis Hardman 8/20/16 10:41 AM A much needed step towards banning all fireworks.
Kathleen Hardman 8/20/16 10:46 AM Strongly support!
George Frey 8/20/16 10:58 AM All of the fireworks cause pollution, distress animals, affect people with allergies to the fireworks, affect veterans and disturb peoples peace and quiet. I see no redeeming value to allowing the discharge of fireworks beyond the 4th of July holiday. I know this won't affect when and what the tribes sell but it should significantly reduce the noise and issues for many law abiding people. It would be great if the county could open a dialog with the tribes on what they sell to see if they couldn't come to some understanding that would restrict some of the fireworks that are illegal to possess outside of tribal lands. The sheriff should be able to retain 100% of the fines levied for violating this ordinance. It would give the sheriff more incentive to crack down on violators. Without enforcement the benefits of this ordinance will not be fully realized.
Lynda J. McConnell 8/20/16 11:20 AM Please, please ban fireworks except on July 4th, including fireworks after games at Cheney stadium. There is no reason to disturb other peoples peace on any of the other 364 days of the year.
Joan Beuscher 8/20/16 12:40 PM I'm a senior citizen who feels like a prisoner in my home before,during & after July 4th. My windows are closed, TV loud, & my little dog & i sit shaking awaiting tbe next "bomb". Neighbors in my cul de sac shoot off loud "bombs" without any regard for others late into the night. I support any legislation to stop this annoyance.
Mary Stanton-Anderson, MD 8/20/16 1:30 PM The well-intentioned but misguided proposal to limit sales and use of the "safe and sane" fireworks will serve only to decrease earnings by the charitable causes that run the stands, but will do nothing to reduce the use of the "illegal" fireworks that actually cause the noise and fire-hazard problem. The mortars, bottle rockets, and firecrackers that disrupt our sleep, drive our pets bonkers and rain fire danger down on roofs and dry vegetation are easily bought at the nearby reservation stands and used for days before the 4th. Better enforcement (which currently is practically nonexistent) to eliminate use of these already-illegal fireworks is what the Council should address.
Rodney and Charlotte Thomas 8/20/16 1:38 PM In fact, in favor of no sales to private citizens at all. Commercial support and use is much preferred.
Donna Powell 8/20/16 1:44 PM We live above Ohop Lake and I can tell you the period around the 4th of July is a nightmare. Anything shot into the sky blows up near window level with our home requiring me to medicate my dog for days. While I support any additional restrictions limiting the use of fireworks to July 4th this most likely will have a limited effect. Today is August 20th and every Friday and Saturday since the 4th we have had to deal with fireworks being set off until well after midnight. I would like to ask that a complete ban be enacted for unincorporated Pierce County. Please help us live in peace and quiet.
Paul Boyer 8/20/16 1:44 PM I've suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome, a neurological condition, for 5 years. It makes me hypersensitive to environmental stimuli such as noise. The week (or more) surrounding July 4 is like a war zone in my neighborhood, with neighbors flowing into the middle of the streets and shooting of public display-grade pyrotechnics that fry my nerve endings and cause relapses that can last days afterwards. I become so exhausted I can hardly rouse myself from my bed. In addition, I have neighbors with PTSD who find July 4 in this neighborhood to rekindle nightmares that never become any easier to live with. Some residents here actually fire cannons!! Even my dog needs to be sedated every day/night for over a week to prevent him from ripping the house apart trying to hide. I thoroughly support this ordinance, and I am overwhelmingly grateful to Councilmember Ladenburg for authoring the proposed ordinance and to the brave members of the County Council who will move it through the council into law. THANK you!
Kristin Tow 8/20/16 2:17 PM Yes, please, PLEASE restrict fireworks. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE fireworks – the kind that make pretty, sparkly patterns in the sky. But this year, more than ever, it was like living in a war zone for at least a week. It is completely out of hand! Days after the 4th there’d be the random BOOM…BANG. Things that sounded (to this layperson) like military artillery and compression grenades rattled my windows so much I feared they could break. These were only about testosterone-fueled noise – they were set off during daylight when you couldn’t see any sparkles, if they even have them. Limiting discharge to just the 4th of July (and New Year’s Eve) is enough. Absolutely NO reason to shoot off artillery on any ol’ day people please. Fireworks are a form of personal amusement that affect people a half-mile or more away – and that’s compounded when multiple circles of noise overlap. Whether I like it or not, my peace and quiet is shattered by their “fun.” On the 4th that’s fine; otherwise, no. Many of us have animals who are afraid of these sudden, loud noises – and we have rights, too. Animals’ hearing is much more acute than humans’ so if I’m startled, I hate to think how fearful they must be. My poor dog had to be medicated for a week - and still cowered in fear! Also, don’t fall for claims that limiting sales days will hurt school fundraisers; that’s just profiteers trying to tug heart strings. If given less time to buy fireworks, people will just shop faster, not less.
tim mercurio 8/20/16 4:01 PM Please pass this proposal. I live on Fox Island. It is a 4 day war zone over here. I have to deal with neighbors setting off fireworks over my house, all hours of each day. I worry about the fire hazard to my home and family when this holiday occurs. I must medicate my animals and that is expensive and painful to do. Last but not least the drunken parties are obnoxious and all due to the fireworks debacle. Please pass this proposal. Tim mercurio 253.303.2898
Tom & Mary Felkins 8/20/16 4:16 PM Our fence in our backyard is all that separates us from the county. The noise from the fireworks is awful; this year they had fireworks that sent sparks across the fence. We are in our 80's and would prefer the use of fireworks restricted to a 2 hour frame. Thank you.
Deena Nelson 8/20/16 4:23 PM I see no good reason to allow fireworks to be shot off for more than one day. Causes major fire hazards, personal safety concerns and terrorizes animals. Enough is enough.
Tom Tuttle 8/20/16 7:08 PM Fire danger in wooded areas, already considerable, will only increase with the global temperature. Dog anxiety also a concern. Proposal seems a reasonable compromise.
Kathleen Sarten 8/20/16 7:24 PM I strongly support this proposal although I would prefer a total ban on fireworks within any residential area.
James Castino 8/20/16 8:19 PM I support the proposed restrictions on fireworks whole heartedly! It is about time! We are so tired of having to put up with loud explosions at all hours, which usually starts several days before the 4th, then continuing on several days after. Get this done! And do not listen to the nob-profits who will cry about their lost revenue. They do not make beans in this.
Shaila Nelson 8/20/16 8:46 PM I support the proposal because extended use of fireworks unnecessarily terrorizes pets and is a fire hazard.
Tressie Lowe 8/20/16 9:00 PM I absolutely support this proposal. There are many people suffering from PTS, those with anxiety as well as the stress it causes animals. Fireworks do not need to be allowed other than on the actual holiday!!!!
Bud Backer 8/21/16 6:59 AM Please limit the sale and discharge of fireworks. The time around the 4th of July is a terrible time for our dogs, and those lighting the fireworks don't seem to care about other people. The mess on our house and yard after the 4th was incredible. We didn't light a thing, yet had to spend an hour picking up garbage that dropped out of the sky, landing in our yard, on our roof, and on our vehicles. One item was a near miss as it lay in the bed of my pick-up and burned. I could have easily destroyed my vehicle had there been flammable material in it. I recognize that not everyone gets crazy, but those that do are endangering the rest of us.
Judy Backer 8/21/16 7:04 AM Please ban the use of fireworks. Next year I'm leaving town to take my dogs to an area that has banned fireworks. The stress that the noise places on our pets is horrible. Add to that the fact that we have other peoples fireworks landing on our roof and in our yard is just not right. I'd rather have the County ban all fireworks, but understand that this proposal is a reasonable middle ground. Please support 2016-39 on fireworks restrictions.
Richard Waltman 8/21/16 7:53 AM We support the legislation restricting the sale and usage of fireworks. Let's have great public shows, but limited if any private usage- bothersome, dangerous, and simply not needed. Thank you.
Barbara Schatz 8/21/16 9:50 AM I live in rural Southwest Pierce County. We are heavily wooded, and the immense forest fire fear during the summer is compounded during the July 4th holiday. The horribly dry summer we had in 2015 has weakened our evergreen trees. This winter is expected to be particularly harsh, further stressing them. The July 4th holiday has degraded into a juvenile delinquent activity – for all ages. The regret anyone may have for sparking a forest fire will do little for those who suffer loss of property and/or life. You only have to look at California to see the devastation caused by one tiny spark. Ordinance 2016-39 is a great step forward. Because there is a one-year implementation period, you should consider even stricter summer restrictions as the weather will surely be drier in 2018, and beyond. And, while I DO support this summer restriction ordinance, I DO NOT support banning fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
William mortell 8/21/16 10:52 AM Totally support a limit on fireworks.
Terry Hammerschmith 8/21/16 12:10 PM My neighborhood is a 'war' zone each year for days leading up to, including, and for days after the July 4th holiday. It's not good for the animals and I worry about the safety aspects with all the super 'dry' landscapes. I have lived in my house for 40+ years and it seems like every year it gets worse...louder and longer for fireworks. Hopefully something can be done and the sooner the better.
terry satre 8/21/16 12:35 PM I support this 100%! Current regulations are ridiculous to residents and their animals, pets or livestock. Why anyone thinks 3 days prior and days after is necessary is beyond me. Thank you so much!!
kathy regel 8/21/16 1:02 PM I wish they were prohibited totally. way too many law breakers. It's not just our pets, it's also our soldiers who return from the mid east and have to be reminded of the sounds and sights they saw.{ptsd}. I don't believe the legal fireworks are so much of the problem. I believe fireworks bought on the indian reservation should stay there. I respect our police department, but I also believe they need to enforce the law, because each year is getting worse not better. I also believe in stronger penalties and responsibility for damaged properties. Please keep the fireworks out of irresponsible people's hands and leave it only to the professionals in a show. Please do us all a favor and restrict them totally before someone else loses their home or gets seriously hurt or killed. thank you. sincerely Kathy regel {a veteran's wife}
Susan Gordon 8/21/16 2:21 PM I commend Councilwoman Connie Ladenburg for her proposal to restrict personal fireworks to a single day (proposed Ordinance 2016-39). But I don't think it goes far enough. Pierce County should ban fireworks in unincorporated areas. Unrestricted use of personal fireworks is a growing hazard to our increasingly populous county. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to safeguard themselves and their loved ones when using fireworks. Just this year, two people in South King County blew off their hands and an errant firework caused a fire that destroyed a house in Graham. Unfortunately, many people flout the law and set off illegal fire crackers outside of the reservations where they are sold. These explosions occur not only around Independence Day, but also on New Year's Eve. We were very fortunate this year to have had relatively cool weather during the Independence Day holiday. Otherwise, the risk of a cataclysmic forest fire in unincorporated areas of the county such as around Eatonville is very real. Besides that, many of our pets and livestock are nervous wrecks throughout the holidays because of fireworks. Please take this issue seriously and move toward a total ban on personal fireworks use in unincorporated Pierce County.
Beth Pedersen 8/21/16 3:49 PM Finally, a council member who comes forth with a sensible plan to limit fireworks sales and days that they can be used. Currently the days they are currently allowed in Pierce County are way too excessive and should either be disallowed completely or at least limited. Good for you Councilwoman Ladenburg!
James R. Ehnborn, 8/21/16 5:18 PM Louise M. Slaten James R. Ehnborn, CPA, CIA 8307 229th St. Ct. E. Graham, WA 98338 August 21, 2016a 206-658-7887 Connie Ladenburg, Councilmember Pierce County Council 930 Tacoma Ave. S, Room 1045 Tacoma, WA 98402 Dear Councilmember Ladenburg: Reference: County Ordinance 2016-39 – County Firework Restrictions Thank you for sponsoring the ordinance. We would like the council to consider our comments: • CCRs in our private gated community of 402 homes do not permit fireworks to be discharged at any time. Our property management company stated that the courts allow people to discharge fireworks on their own property in accordance with the Pierce County regulations as long as they do not discharge them on the common areas. The court ruling was that the Pierce County ordinance supersedes our CCR. Many of the homeowners purchased their home with the understanding that we would not have fireworks discharged within the community. Our lots are less than ¼ acre. It is like a “war zone” in our private community from June 29th to July 5th and on New Year’s eve. This year, Louise and I found it necessary to leave our community during this time period. • Independence Day has been recognized in the United States to be celebrated on July 4th. We only celebrate our other national holidays for 1 day each year. There is no need to disturb the peace of other people by noisily celebrating Independence Day for several days. • We believe that your ordinance should include a section prohibiting discharge of fireworks during a Washing State declared fire ban. • Your proposed ordinance is a satisfactory compromise between both position statements – for and against fireworks. However, Louise and I do not believe that fireworks should be discharged after 10:00pm in compliance of the Pierce County Noise Ordinance 8.72.100. Respectfully, James R. Ehnborn Louse M. Slater
Leanne Stuart 8/21/16 5:20 PM We support the proposal to limit fireworks usage to only July 4th. Every single year wr are kept up for the week before AND after the 4th. We have to get yp early for work but the unsupervised idiots across the street are setting off boomers and continually waking the neighborhood up. We have to constantly water our property and clean up debris in the morning even though we are not the ones setting them off. Personally, we would like to see a 100% ban, but will accept a July 4th only law.
Mary Kohli 8/21/16 6:17 PM I urge you to pass this. This year was the worst with fireworks. It was like a war zone in the neighborhood. I even put a comment on Facebook and you should have seen the agreement I got. I'd like to see more restrictions. Those organizations that feel they may be hurt -- there are a lot of other ways in which they can raise money. The last of June, I worked hard heading a team for the Puyallup Relay for Life. I would have loved to have had the money spent on fireworks in my neighborhood spent on cancer research, prevention and education.
christy aldrich 8/21/16 6:24 PM I believe that the part of the proposal to limit shooting fireworks to 1 day is more than sufficient, after all Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are only 1 day. This year alone I listen to fireworks for 3 hours for 3 nights before the 4th and another 2 nights for 3 hours after the 4th - 6 days was more than enough!! I felt I lived in a WAR Zone. The proposal needs REAL enforcement - the article states that MD80's are illegal - well I believe homemade mortar/rocket launchers used for hours on end that shake your home etc. need to be outlawed. Enough! I am willing to go through HELL 1 night a year but again there needs to be teeth in the enforcement of illegal fireworks and constant pushing of the boundaries of the time limit and areas where legal fireworks can be used. Thank You Christy Aldrich
josie cantrell 8/21/16 6:33 PM Dear sir. I live in pierce county on 111th st. Sw. We need help, after 30 years we can,t take this anymore. Neighbors and strange people make this 4th july a war zone. They shoot off their fir5eworks leave a big mess and go home. This is our 4th july. When everybody laughs at us. Please help. Sincerely mr. And mrs. Bill cantrell.
Jack Allard 8/21/16 9:02 PM Ariel and exploding fireworks cause litter, air pollution, fire danger, sleepless nights and of course noise pollution. The primary function of government is to protect the lives and property of individuals. The Council should not allow the use of aerial and exploding fireworks in the county.
Lorraine Murphy 8/22/16 2:59 AM One Fireworks Day? I love it – and – finally! For years, the 4th of July has felt more like a SEASON than a holiday (singular). When I lived in Lakewood, the “celebration” often began the second week of June and continued sometimes through the end of July. Illegal, heart-jolting explosions are a part of the din and totally unwelcome. This issue has too many costly and consistent consequences. Animals are terrified, and too many bolt in panic. Illegal fireworks are sold and used. They create air pollution. They create ground pollution. They create noise pollution. Children and adults are physically injured, including loss of vision and fingers, horrific burns, and even death. Emergency room visits escalate. Fires destroy property. Police calls for assistance rise. Neighbors battle each other, sometimes physically, over this issue. The only reason to continue current expanded fireworks days, once again, is money. I know we are a money-worshiping species, but must the dollar always trump EVERYTHING? The public can go to professionally-handled fireworks displays, which greatly reduces (eliminates?) the list of liabilities stated above. Or, we can watch the shows on television. And just as a postscript, how many people even know what the holiday represents, and therefore, WHY they’re outside shooting off fireworks?
Kent Holder 8/22/16 6:28 AM It's time to limit fireworks to only professional displays in public places after dark on the 4th of July. I will vote against any politician who approves anything else. I am a retired fireman who has seen the damage, destruction and tragedies first hand. It's time to come to our senses! Celebrating can be safe & fun & patriotic without the terror to animals & senseless loss of tranquility. Have you ever seen a 9 year old with a sparkler stuck in her eye? I have. Have you ever lost a dog that never came back? I have. Have you ever seen a home in ashes from a bottle rocket? I have. We have the ability to do what is right. I just takes courage & common sense. Kent Holder
Mary Beth Bowden 8/22/16 7:20 AM I work as a trauma registrar and part of my job is fireworks injury reporting to WA state fire protection bureau. I am in complete support of this proposal. Pierce County is 3rd highest in the state for fireworks related injuries/fires. Please see the fire marshal's report for 2015. Five days is too long for setting off fireworks. In addition to personal injury and property damage, the amount of time allowed is unacceptable. Those who have frightened animals have to put up with five nights of endless bombing and into the wee hours of the morning (out here it was well over 3 a.m. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!). There is also the returning military family members that find the constant bombing of fireworks to be extremely unsettling for that duration. I know that many can tolerate it or leave for a night, but leaving for 5 days is not feasible and results in a very real hardship. I do not believe the reduction of days allowed to discharge fireworks would result in a catastrophic monetary decline for those selling fireworks. Please support this legislation, it is very much needed. Thank you.
Teresa Coleman 8/22/16 8:37 AM I am unable to make the hearing today, but just found out I could submit comments supporting more restrictions on fireworks. I agree, shortening the time frame they can be purchased, I also wish the times they can be let off was less too. The more restrictions the better. They have gotten WAY too out of hand in the last few years.
Shirley Knudson 8/22/16 8:57 AM PLEASE PLEASE pass the proposal limiting fireworks in the county. This year they were being exploded 6 days prior to the 4th until midnight every night and they were so loud my windows shook. The night of the 4th I waited past the midnight deadline, past 1 am, but after 2 I finally called the sheriff. I didn't think that would help but amazingly only one more bomb went off before it was quiet. Enough is Enough. I also think that anyone who buys fireworks on a reservation and tries to drive off with them, should be stopped, fined and have the product confiscated. Just like with cigarettes.
Cherie Touchette 8/22/16 9:38 AM Please limit fireworks!!! There are so MANY good reasons why and only 2 reasons to not. Why: Injuries; fires; noise (bothers so many but especially animals and those of us with PTSD) hearing damage, etc. The ONLY reasons not include greed and pleasure(at others' expense.) I can't attend the meeting today because I only heard about it just now and have previous commitments.
Kimatha Kesner 8/22/16 9:51 AM The noise and chance of fire is ridiculous in my area. Many are elderly or many have pets that are unable to cope with the noise. I am in favor of visual celebration such as laser light shows or designated gathering spot where people go to see structured shows where fireworks are put on by licenced professionals. Only! Too many people out here shooting off guns and fireworks all hours of the day and night and not many responsible for their actions.
Joe Taliento 8/22/16 11:39 AM Dear Council Members. May I offer a counter proposal to 2016-39? The Council should just make it illegal to be a 10 to 12 year old boy between July 1 and July 7.And quit wasting tax payer dollars on none sense issues. Respectfully, Joe Taliento
Cheryl Laurendeau 8/22/16 11:44 AM Not only do I support the Fireworks Ordinance, I'd support a complete ban of fireworks. People are careless. This last time, our neighbors were lighting them off and one nearly hit our window screen and the window was open. I dread to think what would have happened if it had come through the screen and landed in the livingroom. Please....limit the use. Limit the sales. Thanks.
Erin Kraft 8/22/16 11:46 AM Yes!!!
Lynn Abegglen 8/22/16 12:42 PM I am writing to communicate my very strong support of the Proposed Ordinance 2016-39: to increase restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks in unincorporated Pierce County (amending Section 17C.60.230 of the Pierce County Code). During the last 25 years I have lived in unincorporated Pierce County Council Districts 1 and 3. Unfortunately, the use – and flagrant abuse – of fireworks has created serious problems in those areas. - They consistently diminish the quality of life for those that chose to reside near the sounds of nature, but live within hearing range of neighbors that ignite fireworks. - I worry every year about the drought-impacted trees and brush, knowing that it would only take 1 careless (perhaps intoxicated) individual to cause a fire that could destroy everything and everyone where I live, and for miles in every direction. - In my experience, livestock can become so upset and agitated that they stampede, charging at and breaking through fences – endangering themselves and others. - Many Pierce County residents experience the ‘explosive’ sounds of fireworks being discharged as upsetting, at the very least. And those who’ve been in war zones, or lived through violent crimes, it can be re-traumatizing. - I, and others like me, have learned to dread our yearly ‘celebrations’ (such as New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July). The disruption, upset, and threat that fireworks routinely cause, when set off nearby, makes those events nearly intolerable. I sincerely thank you for reading my comments, and I strongly encourage you to support Proposed Ordinance 2016-39!
Karen Kloss 8/22/16 1:51 PM I dont feel as though we do not need any more regulations.
donald roy hughes 8/22/16 2:00 PM We celebrate our daughters birthday on July 3rd. We have family friends over for games food and fireworks. That leaves July 4th for other activities. How about July 3rd and 4th.
Dave Holmes 8/22/16 2:35 PM I used to like the Fourth of July, now it's the worst holiday. Unincorporated parts of the county should enjoy the same fire and safety protection that the City of Tacoma wisely enacted. No private fireworks would be best, but I'd be grateful to the Council for supporting Councilwoman Ladenburg's proposed code amendment. The noise of explosions, this year, started 10 days before the 4th of July, usually after 10 pm. And yes, animals are scared, people are startled. On the 4th the explosions go on unabated for hours until the air is filled with smoke (a health hazard for many). Apart from the noise and air pollution allowed on that day, there is the fire danger on hot summer days imposed on us who don't blow up fireworks. Many of my neighbors don't go overboard, but some always do and the burning debris raining down on my house and yard is worrisome. On any other day scattering debris would be considered littering; and not everyone cleans up after themselves, so why it it okay to abuse common courtesy and the law on the 4th? Last year a neighbor threw a party and a lot of strangers showed up, lots of beer drinking and sending fireworks into the sky, which came down, burning, on one of my fir trees. Fortunately the tree didn't catch fire because the branches where the still-burning fireworks came down were too high to reach with a hose. Another year the roof of my neighbor's house was burned through by his neighbor's fireworks and, again fortunately, the fire was put out in time. Those who associate celebrating our nation's independence by blowing up fireworks and "having a good time" have for too long abused this privilege. Also, with many cities banning the use of fireworks by individuals, I imagine many from Tacoma, etc. are coming to our neighborhoods, making the situation even worse.Thank you for reading my comments.
Mary Huggler 8/22/16 6:08 PM I live at the south end of Spanaway Lake. Fireworks and explosives start even prior to and continue well after the regulated dates. We have baby eagles and other wild life along with domestic animals and humans that are negatively impacted for days. I whole heartedly support this proposal.
Carol Krona 8/22/16 7:15 PM Please disallow fireworks completely--our neighborhood and those close to us are a war zone at Fourth of July (week before and week after) plus New Year's Eve. We can't leave our home on Fourth of July because our dogs are so upset and also to protect our property.
Kelly Parsons 8/22/16 8:04 PM Dear Pierce County Council , I would like to express my feelings on fireworks. I have very strong feelings on the subject. I believe their use disrespects the rights of people who dislike them ,as well as Military members who may have issues with them. We have a large Military population in this area. I do not believe the law should be to allow people to endanger the safety of other people and their property. Every year we hear the hospitals counts on injuries. We see the number of calls the fire departments respond to, putting them in harms way. We see the reports on the people who lose their homes. The lost and frightened animals. When is enough, enough? If this is a matter of charities making money, they could set up stands and sell apple pies. I have no problem with public displays. But please stop this barbaric practice of some people's recreation infringing on the rights and safety of others. Sincerely, Kelly Parsons Horse Owner Graham, WA
Terra Stine 8/22/16 8:16 PM I do not agree to 1 day use. I share custody of my kids and want to be able to do fireworks with them as I don't get the 4th every year.
Michele Carlson 8/22/16 10:57 PM I live in the Midland area (East Tacoma) and this past July 4th was extremely noisy and dangerous. I witnessed neighbors setting off illegal fireworks and a few of them ended up in my back yard right next to my home. My mother lives with me and is 70 years old and was terrified that our home would catch fire. People were too irresponsible with fireworks this past year and it will only lead to house fires in the future.
Leslie Hagerty 8/23/16 7:24 AM Dear Pierce County Council , I would like to express my feelings on fireworks. I have very strong feelings on the subject. I believe their use disrespects the rights of people who dislike them ,as well as Military members who may have issues with them. We have a large Military population in this area. I do not believe the law should be to allow people to endanger the safety of other people and their property. Every year we hear the hospitals counts on injuries. We see the number of calls the fire departments respond to, putting them in harms way. We see the reports on the people who lose their homes. The lost and frightened animals. When is enough, enough? If this is a matter of charities making money, they could set up stands and sell apple pies. I have no problem with public displays. But please stop this barbaric practice of some people's recreation infringing on the rights and safety of others. Sincerely, Leslie Hagerty
Carol Schwarder 8/23/16 8:55 AM Note: District Map not working I have lived in the Parkland (Sprinker) area since 1993, and the fireworks have always been extremely problematic. They begin the week before the 4th and continue the week after. As a working individual, having your sleep interrupted night after night because of fireworks is frustrating and impacting. The sheriff's department has always taken the position "they are too busy with other matters." I have never believed that they could not have sent a patrol car to the neighborhood(s) that received complaints and took the time to address it. The response of our officials are just as damaging and questionable as those individuals who choose to be so thoughtless. We also lived adjacent to Brookdale Golf Course for six years. The homes on the west side would literally use the golf course as their garbage disposal for fireworks. It was a nuisance to try to golf as well as an unnecessary expense for the golf course to do clean-up. I would be very appreciative of an "enforced" limitation of fireworks. Thank you for hearing me, Carol Schwarder
kent carter 8/23/16 9:47 AM We have lived in Gig Harbor for 10 years now and every year the fireworks problem gets worse and every year the city and county governments do nothing. Is the fireworks lobby that powerful?? Mr Roach and others believe any restrictions will not "solve the problem" and will just raise expectations so they should do nothing. No legislation totally solves a problem but it is better to make an effort that helps rather than do nothing. There are laws against seeding and running red lights but people still speed and run red lights so, following the "logic" of some officials, we shouldn't bother passing laws against those things. Enforcement is the key to success of any regulations, so pass the restrictions and then enforce it with some very stiff fines. Maybe at least some of the people who spend small fortunes on explosives will take note and be deterred. Some improvement is better than not even trying to address the problem!
Heather McFarlane 8/23/16 12:37 PM I am 100% in favor of restricting fireworks to just July 4th. This was my first July 4th in Pierce County and I was unpleasantly astounded by four days of fireworks, esp. with a dog that has to be drugged because fireworks traumatize her. Thank you - Heather McFarlane
Joan Christoffels 8/23/16 12:41 PM I'm in favor of limiting fireworks to July 4th only. Way too loud for 4 days in a row. One day is enough. Thank you - Joan Christoffels
lnge garcia 8/23/16 12:47 PM I fully support your proposal of limiting sale and display of firworks. The last few years it has gotten so much worse that one feels like living in a war zone. Please, please do something about it. Thank you inge Garcia 253-584-0148.
Kim Nicholl 8/23/16 1:04 PM I am so glad to see this ordinance being considered. I'm sad to say it, but the 4th of July and also New Years Eve are the two most dreaded days of the year for me. It seems that the fourth is no longer a holiday to celebrate wisely and considerately with family for a couple of hours at dusk. It has become a week long affair with people blowing up the most powerful explosives they can possibly get their hands on. We live in Graham and it literally sounds like a war zone out here. The fireworks or "bombs" go for days before the holiday and for days afterwards, all times of the morning and night. The bombs are so loud and powerful it sometimes feels as though my home is being lifted from its foundation. My animals are tortured. I have horses who run themselves into an absolute panic, nearly going through fences. I have to spend hundreds of dollars on sedatives and they really don't do much good. It would be one thing if we could expect the craziness to be limited to a short period of time that can be planned for, but days and days on end are just torture. Everyone buys the illegal fireworks and no one enforces the laws prohibiting them. It feels hopeless. I sincerely hope this legislation will pass and actually be enforced. I'm sure more people would applaud such a thing than you realize!
Donna McPherson 8/23/16 2:44 PM Donna McPherson District 3 I would like policy to be changed showing different number of days for selling and discharging only on the fourth. I watched the council meeting regarding the fireworks proposed change. I found it interesting regarding what Bonney Lake is doing and would like to put these questions before the council. Fireworks change should indicated how often a person maybe ticketed for fireworks violations. If a deputy goes to a location and gives a ticket and after the deputy leaves, how soon can he return to give another ticket because the fireworks did not stop? Each subsequent ticket to the same person should be much higher then the previous ticket and after so many tickets it should rise to a greater charge and a higher amount. Landowner should be responsible for fireworks violations on their property and that should clarify responsibility. If we make it easier for authorities and cheaper for violators than what will be the incentive to stop violations. If on public lands than that is a different situation. I don’t feel that future changes should make this a misdemeanor but it should be more enforceable and at a greater charge. Do the number of reports from the public include the number of people who have given up calling the authorities because they (law or fire departments) do not do anything about it anyway. We call none emergency numbers regarding noise complaints, are these included in your total number of complaints? Why should noise complaints take three neighbors to call before it is investigated. I think that policy should be changed for all noise complaints to the authorities. It should not take years for any situation to be looked at. I think that the address of the lady who complained about her horses being subjected to days of fireworks violations should be referred to the sheriff’s office for next year. The deputies should be sent to these locations when there is a lull in deputy call outs. Violators should be contacted and violations eliminated one violator at a time with the most egregious first. I feel the days of selling fireworks should be different than the days of lawful discharge. Thanks for listening.
Sally Gallagher 8/24/16 3:30 AM I support to limit the use of fireworks to specific days and times
julie l finnegan 8/24/16 2:11 PM I would really like to see fireworks become illegal! Not only has the fourth become an 3 week ordeal, but fireworks now have become a tradition on New Years Eve, and every time the Seahawks make a touchdown.These fireworks make our windows rattle!Our pets are scared, it disturbs our backyard birds, and prevents sleep on a work nights.We have plenty of free professional shows people can enjoy!And because of the Indian reservation, most of these fireworks are dangerous and illegal!I would especially like to see that end.Twenty years ago it was fountains and sparklers, now its whatever makes the loudest noise! I can no longer vacation at that time or enjoy the holiday as we have to stay home and protect our property!!
Shari Jones 8/24/16 3:03 PM I strongly support this proposal. I feel it is a step in the right direction. I would really like to see them banned on Anderson Island totally. My experience is that the island is a free for all on and around the 4th of July.
Martha Heinrick Konicek 8/24/16 8:28 PM Please, Please do this. Living out on the Key Peninsula it is non stop the week of July 4th. The garbage generated in the water is horrible. and the air quality is very poor after ward. The practice of non stop fireworks is out of control. Thank you
C. Fitzgerald 8/25/16 10:31 AM I support limiting the days to acquire fireworks for the 4th of July. The past 4th was the noisiest ever! The fireworks being setoff all week were like rockets and mortars! We felt like we were in a war zone! Our pets were severly traumatized and in need of sedation. It is no longer fun when neighbor have access to these tremendous type combustibles that have the potential to set fire. First I say limit the kinds of fireworks, second decrease number of days to purchase; and third limit the time to 10:00 p.m. instead of midnight!
Leeann Snyder 8/25/16 11:26 AM I will not support a proposal such as this for a number of reasons. First and foremost - putting a further ban on fireworks will only burden our already short staffed law enforcement. If they are responding to noise complaints I fear they cannot reasons timely to domestic violence issues, impaired drivers or break ins. Secondly, it appears that the county by considering this proposal is catering to pet owners and not the general public. It is a pet or livestock owners responsibility to contain their animals in a safe, secure enclosure. It is not the fault of a person setting off fireworks that a neighbors horse gets spooked or gets out it is th fault of the owner for not taking necessary precautions. 4th of July comes the same time every year. Third, we have a very large military base in the heart of our county. Said base often shoots large munitions late into the night and early in the morning - so large in fact that items have fallen off of walls and windows have been broken. If you restrict fireworks then someone had ought to consider asking the military to stop practicing as well (good luck with that). Fourth, starting legal firework sales later in the month will send more people to the Indian reservations for larger, illegal fireworks. Non-profits benefit from legal firework sales - restricting them just hurts the legal buyers and sellers. It is not the job of the county to become the nanny making sure that people keep all of their fingers and toes. Please do not support or pass this ridiculous proposal.
Thomas V Markstrom 8/26/16 4:04 PM Hello, today I viewed the proceedings where Proposed Ordinance 2016-39 was presented. I am in support of this proposed ordinance and I would like to be added to the list of interested parties and notified by email of the final council hearing date on this issue when it becomes available. Best regards, Thomas V. Markstrom.
Don Porter 8/29/16 1:06 PM I support banning private fireworks use; ie those which are not provided by a park, city or other responsible government entity.
Paul R Daneker 9/20/16 10:51 PM In a word, "No." I live in UNINCORPORATED Pierce County to escape the increasing intrusion of "Government" into my life. I am fully aware of the incremental approach used by councils and legislatures to chip away at my liberty, and I am opposed to any further intrusion as a council(member) attempts to impose their (her) personal preferences upon the rest of us. I am a retired, 63 year old disabled veteran, and I fully abide the law - but oppose any further grabbing to satisfy the agendas of others.
Bobbie Batey 10/3/16 11:28 AM Because of my concerns about fireworks, specifically increased fire danger, increased danger to children, and increased anxiety for animals, I believe reducing the number of days fireworks can be sold, and reducing the number of hours they can be used to the 4th of July only, are common sense measures. I fully support this change in the Pierce County Fireworks Code. I urge you to pass this measure.
Damon Townsend 10/13/16 5:05 PM I cannot attend the meeting for public comment, here are my thoughts: While I believe the intent of this ordinance is sound, reduction in fires, noise, and the rest that is cited, I disagree with the ordinance for a couple of reasons: In my youth in college I worked for a multitude of bingo halls. All of these bingo halls were limited to charitable endeavors, so they supported the Boys and Girls Club, The Ferndale High School Band, and the Whatcom County Crisis center to name a few. They were limited to three days a week, and were audited by the gambling commission of the State to insure the revenues were directed to the charities. When the State opened up the tribal gaming casinos each and every one of these charitable bingo halls was shut down due to lack of participation, and all those charities lost their biggest funding sources. How does this relate to fireworks sales? Nearly every fireworks stand in the unincorporated areas of the county is also supporting a charity or a school function. My daughter worked three days at on in the Gig Harbor area to raise funds for her marching band. Limiting the days they can sell will reduce these funding streams for charities and school bands, and also limit the chance for young people to get some work experience dealing with the public like my daughter did. I watched every charitable bingo hall go under when the 24/7 tribal casinos went into place. I don’t want the charitable firework stands to suffer the same fate. If we limit the times the public will simply go on the reservations and purchase their fireworks, short changing the charities and schools that use them as fundraisers. I support the limitation on the fireworks use, I just have issue with the shortening of the sales period.
Robert Evans 10/14/16 7:36 AM My wife and I fully support the restrictions on fireworks for Pierce County. Every year we dread the weeks before and after the 4th of July because of the overwhelming barrage of fireworks. We fear for the safety of our home, our pets, and ourselves. It would be a great relief to us to have the time for legal use of fireworks restricted.
Jeff Robinson 10/14/16 8:04 AM I strongly support this proposal. The excessive use of fireworks in the days before and after July 4th is not only a nuisance, but a fire safety hazard. Please pass this proposal. Thank you, Jeff Robinson 253-988-8012
Debbie Combs 10/14/16 8:49 AM It's too restrictive. It prevents families that get together near, but not on, the actual holiday. They should have at least a day's leeway either side of the holiday.
Joseph Lewis 10/14/16 10:46 AM Opponents of this proposal say you should never approve anything that cannot be enforced. No ordinance has 100% compliance but this is a step in the right direction. There are still many citizens who obey laws without having a deputy present. Neighbor watch groups can assist the sheriff's department in identifying violators. Several towns have implemented total bans by educating people about the potential harm to animals and property caused by fireworks. There are wonderful public displays of fireworks in this county available to all via convenient public transit. Please support this proposal to protect our animals and reduce the fire danger. Thank you.
Thor Albro 10/14/16 2:12 PM No one is going to comply. Laws that are ignored are bad laws.
Leila Luginbill 10/15/16 6:09 AM The current extended time allowed for fireworks is awful. We have to put up with loud explosions for days prior and following July 4. We treasure our peaceful life here in Home and have come to dread the holiday...I'm sure the designers of the holiday did not intend for it to become a money making free-for-all for bigger and louder explosives.
Lynn J. Lloyd 10/15/16 7:56 AM It does seem that the discharging of fireworks can go on and on during the 4th of July week, so it would help animal owners be prepared if it were only on July 4th.
Susan Gordon 10/16/16 2:42 PM Dear Pierce County Council members: I write in support of proposed ordinance 2016-39s, to restrict the use of personal fireworks in unincorporated Pierce County. While I favor a total ban on personal fireworks, this is a step in the right direction. Personal fireworks should be restricted for four primary reasons. Increasingly dry summers due to our changing climate means the risk of catastrophic forest fires is greater than ever. Unfortunately, many people fail to exercise proper safety precautions when igniting fireworks, leading to injuries and property damage. For example, two people in South King County this year blew off their hands with fireworks and an errant firework destroyed a home in Graham. Restrictions on legal fireworks would make it easier to crack down on the proliferation of illegal fireworks ignited off the reservations where they are permitted. Also, domestic animal and livestock are unnecessarily traumatized by the sounds of fireworks explosions. I urge you to pass this ordinance and consider future action that would totally ban personal fireworks in unincorporated Pierce County.
Patricia Hobbs 10/17/16 7:35 AM The injuries and destruction caused by fireworks and the messes that are left in our streets need to be stopped. This past year we nearly hit a woman and her child standing in the middle of a dark street who were watching a neighbor shooting off fireworks. Had we not been driving slowly, this could have been tragic. Reducing the number of days that these are allowed should benefit everyone. Thank You
Rachel Dickson 10/17/16 6:50 PM We have enough limits and fireworks are already limited enough as well. Don't need to spend more time and resources limiting them even more
Debra Dearinger 10/17/16 9:54 PM That should be more than enough time to celebrate, and I really worry about the neighbors starting wildfires some years.
Andrew Austin (Metro Parks Tacoma) 10/18/16 9:41 AM Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT) fully supports Ordinance number 2016-39s regarding firework restrictions in unincorporated Pierce County. MPT has three properties that are fully or partially located in unincorporated Pierce County. They include Browns Point Lighthouse Park, Swan Creek Park, and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Swan Creek Park and Northwest trek in particular are heavily forested natural areas that in the summer months are at risk of forest fires. Any measure that will reduce the purchasing and discharging time frames of fireworks will reduce the risk of forest fires on our properties and in forestlands the county. In particular we appreciate that this proposed ordinance limits fireworks discharge to one day. Please do not hesitate to contact MPT if you have any questions and thank you for considering Ordinance 2016-39s.
Jennifer Severns 10/18/16 10:20 AM Please limit the sale of fireworks to the degree that you are able. I have submitted a letter in writing explaining my reasons. I am not able to attend the hearing today. Thank you, Jennifer Severns
Twyla Worthy 10/18/16 12:07 PM At least this proposal is in the right direction, although I would hope I will live to see the day fireworks are banned altogether. They cause so many injuries and accidents, not to mention terrorize the animals - what good are they, really? We can all enjoy a peaceful SAFE time without them!!!
lance settlemyre 10/19/16 1:26 PM police will not enforce ban and will not respond unless these is a felony in progress or belived to be. since there is not to be a total ban, there will be no impact on the problems associated with these activies, and people will suffer as before...loss of property, assalts when confronting illeagel users, (no reponse from sheriff), and all the reasons already sighted for a total ban...If you do not want to ban fireworks, then change the law to make possession a gross felony, and then the police can issue a ticket for 1000 $...that way they wont have arrest anyone and also that is more effective than trying stop them...fine them
Donna Powell 10/22/16 8:18 AM Eleven people died in 2015 using fireworks and an estimated 11,900 people were taken to the hospital with fireworks-related injuries. About 67 percent of those injuries occurred in the 30 days before and after July Fourth celebrations. If you take the impact on people, add in the uncounted number of animals lost or killed and the fires the number of fireworks related fires during what is usually a burn ban and one needs to question when will be put in place stronger controls to stop this. We have lived above Ohop Lake for well over 25 years, every year we are literally bombarded with explosions from the fireworks set off by people living on the lake for all most the entire month of July. I know some say it isn’t enforceable, but if you limit the sale of fireworks to one day it can only improve they correct situation.
Bob Walter 10/24/16 2:28 PM This is an excellent proposal, and I support it wholeheartedly. I commend Councilmember Ladenburg for sponsoring it. And I'm happy to see the face of a frightened puppy on the county website's notice about it; pets can't vote, but as family members, they deserve our protection from fear and harm. Of course, humans deserve the same protection, including the reduced risk of wildfire.
James Ehnborn 10/24/16 3:05 PM We were disappointed that Pierce County Committee did not include a recommendation for approval of Connie Ladenburg’s proposal for restriction of fireworks. Statistics abstracted from the current WA Fire Protection Bureau Prevention Division: Counties in WA: 7 Counties with TOTAL BAN: 6, 16% Counties with RESTRICTIONS: 12, 32% Counties with TOTAL BAN & RESTRICTIONS: 18, 49% Pierce County currently has “NO RESTRICTIONS” (follows State Law) Cities in WA: 228 Cities with TOTAL BAN: 74, 32% Cities – only July 4th DISCHARGE: 56, 25% TOTAL BAN OR ONLY JULY 4TH DISCHARGE: 130, 57% Her proposal was an excellent compromise for both sides – for and against it. Many residents believe there are sufficient public fireworks displays available for the residents. It is not necessary to permit personal discharge of fireworks in order for people to celebrate Independence Day. Many residents are opposed to all personal discharge of fireworks at any time during the year. There is no need to reduce Connie Ladenburg’s proposal. If the Council reduces her proposal, the residents will seek to have an advisory vote on the next ballot to ban the sale and the personal discharge of fireworks in Pierce County. Pierce County Council should review the California fireworks law that has severe restrictions on the sale and the personal discharge of fireworks. The penalty is up to 1 year in jail and a fine of $500 to $1,000 or both.
Joe Taliento 10/25/16 12:07 PM Dear esteemed Council Members, I really hate it most of the time when legislation is proposed " for my protection." Your proposal CM Ladenburg is such an act. It's an assault on every 12 year old boy in Pierce County. It's a stupid attempt by the County to define a non existent and insignificant problem with dubious consequences and outcomes. Outcomes in terms of enforcement. What is the matter CM Ladenburg ,did you forget the best times of your life? Respectfully, Joe
Diane Frey 10/25/16 3:11 PM Anything to make the air cleaner and less noisy will help. I am very allergic to the chemicals in fireworks. I have gotten hives And had great difficulty breathing. My dog hates the darn things. I am always worried about fires as I live in an area with more forested like lands. Please pass this!