Council Legislation

Proposed Ordinance No. 2014-59

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Adopting a New Chapter 3.38 of the Pierce County Code (PCC), "Employee Performance Evaluations"; Amending PCC 3.40.020, "Role of Personnel Board"; and Setting an Effective Date.

Status: Terminated

Sponsors: Councilmembers Stan Flemming

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Public Comments

Name Date Comment
Nancy 8/4/14 3:53 PM I am a long term PC employee. I support this proposal. I have heard from many PC employees over the years that the evaluation is based on the Supervisors likes or dislikes and not on the actual job performance.
Shawn Phelps 8/28/14 2:16 AM Dear County Councilmembers, I previously commented in support of Ordinance No. 2014-59. The primary intention of Resolution 2014-97, as was the original ordinance, is to bring parity between represented and non-represented County employees in regards to the Employee Performance Evaluation process. In fairness, the right to appeal a performance evaluation should be offered to non-union workers, as it is to most union workers. I support the passage of Resolution 2014-97, with the following amendments: 1. That the August 15, 2015 deadline for the the Human Resources Department to report back to the Council be shortened, so that there is ample time to determine any 2016 budget increases that may be needed to incorporate the requests of the Council. An alternative date of March 31, 2015 is my suggestion to avoid delaying these important changes beyond 2016. 2. As was proposed in Ordinance No. 2014-59, codify Chapter 3.38 of the Administrative Guidelines, "Employee Performance Evaluations.” Codification