Council Database

Council Meeting

Date: May 21, 2013
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Anna Lemon Wheelock Library
3722 North 26th Street
Tacoma, Washington

 Council Members
Name District
Joyce McDonald (Chair) 2
Dan Roach 1
Jim McCune 3
Connie Ladenburg 4
Rick Talbert 5
Douglas G. Richardson 6
Stan Flemming 7

Agendas and packets are uploaded by 3:00 pm the Friday before the meeting. Meeting agendas approved by the Council's Rules Committee are available at on Wednesdays by 1:00 pm.

 For Final Consideration
Proposal # Title
2013-11 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Amending the Charter of the Pierce County Community Development Corporation.
2013-22 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Authorizing the Approval of Applications for Open Space Classification Under Current Uses Assessment on Certain Properties Located Within the Unincorporated Boundaries of Pierce County; and Adopting Finding of Fact. (Application Nos. OS4-12, OS5-12, OS8-12, and OS11-12)
2013-23 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Ratifying the Collective Bargaining Agreement Reached with the Pierce County Deputy Sheriff's Independent Guild, Local No. 1889 Community Service Officers; and Amending the Pierce County Salary Classification Plan.
R2013-49 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Confirming the Appointment of Three New Members (Jeremy Foust, Julie Ann Gustanski and Wendy McMillan) to the Pierce County Conservation Futures Program Citizens' Advisory Board.

 Consent Items - Introduction, Referral, Setting Dates
Proposal # Title
2013-18 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Placing the McMillin Bridge, Located at the 13900 Block of State Route 162, Orting, Washington, on the Pierce County Register of Historic Places; and Adopting Findings of Fact.
2013-27 \nAn Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Declaring Certain Tax Titled Real Property to Be Surplus, Situated in Various Locations Within Pierce County; and Authorizing the County Executive to Pursue Disposal of the Property by Sale, Lease, or Exchange, Pursuant to Revised Code of Washington Chapter 36.35, "Tax Title Lands," and Pierce County Code Chapter 2.110, "Property Management."\n
R2013-41 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Related to the Storm Drainage and Surface Water Management Utility; Finding that the Public Works and Utilities Department Has Complied with Provisions of the 2013 Budget; and Authorizing Acquisition of Certain Tax Title Properties Located within the Floodplain along the Puyallup and Carbon Rivers and Certain Other Tax Title Properties Located So as to Have Stormwater Benefits.
R2013-50 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Ratifying the Sale of Certain County-Owned Surplus Real Property Located at 1902 96th Street South, Tacoma, Washington, Commonly Referred to as the Former Hosmer District Court Property; and Repealing Resolution No. R2012-134.