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Council Meeting

Date: January 12, 2016
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045
Tacoma, WA 98402

 Council Members
Name District
Douglas G. Richardson (Chair) 6
Dan Roach 1
Joyce McDonald 2
Jim McCune 3
Connie Ladenburg 4
Rick Talbert 5
Derek Young 7

Agendas and packets are uploaded by 3:00 pm the Friday before the meeting. Meeting agendas approved by the Council's Rules Committee are available at on Wednesdays by 1:00 pm.

 For Final Consideration
Proposal # Title
2015-54 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Related to the Use of Compression Brakes Along a Segment of Orting Kapowsin Highway East; and Directing the County Engineer to Post Advisory Signage as Appropriate.
R2015-79s2 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Related to the Regulation of Electronic Signage and Off-Site Advertising; Requesting the Planning and Land Services Department to Develop Certain Amendments to Title 18B of the Pierce County Code, “Development Regulations - Signs,” to Prohibit Video Signs Countywide, Limit Other Types of Electronic Signage to Those that Display Text and Numerical Characters Only, Limit the Frequency of Content Change on Electronic Signs; Requesting the Department to Complete Any Required Environmental Analysis Pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act; and Requesting the Department to Forward the Amendments to the Planning Commission for Consideration by a Date Certain.
R2015-144 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Authorizing the Pierce County Executive to Execute an Interlocal Agreement Between Pierce County and the City of Carbonado for the Provision of Animal Services.
R2016-1 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Establishing the Council's Standing Committees; Naming the Committee Memberships; and Setting Meeting Times for Standing Committee Meetings for 2016.
R2016-2s A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Making Appointments of Councilmembers and Staff to Positions on External Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Other Organizations for the Year 2016.
R2016-5 A Resolution of the Pierce County Council and Executive Remembering the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for His Contributions to the Ideals of Equality and Justice Throughout the World.

 Consent Items - Introduction, Referral, Setting Dates
Proposal # Title
2015-87 An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Amending Ordinance No. 2002-7, as Amended by Ordinance Nos. 2014-47 and 2015-45, by Removing the Prohibition Against the Discharge of Firearms on Approximately 2,025 Acres in the Graham/Kapowsin Area of Pierce County.