County Council

Interested Party Lists (IPLs)

Please choose from the topics below. We have recently updated our sign-up and list of categories for notification of County Council hearings. The topic areas have been greatly expanded. If you are an existing member of an IPL, please visit the sign-up page to confirm your choices for Email notification.

Council office
   Weekly meeting schedules and agendas for all meetings Subscribe   
   Minutes of Council meetings Subscribe   
   Council Office procedures, administration, rules Subscribe   
Assessor-Treasurer and Board of Equalization Subscribe   
   Licensing Subscribe   
   Animal control, regulation and enforcement Subscribe   
Budget, fees and taxes
   Bonds and other funding mechanisms Subscribe   
   Budget, County Subscribe   
   Capital facilities & funding plans Subscribe   
   Contracts Subscribe   
   Current use tax assessments Subscribe   
   Fees: Bldg, planning, fire, parks, etc. Subscribe   
   Fees: Courts, criminal justice, etc. Subscribe   
   Fees: Sewer, stormwater, other public works fees Subscribe   
   Grants Subscribe   
   Impact fees: traffic, park and school Subscribe   
   Taxes: Property, sales, real estate, personal property, etc. Subscribe   
County administration
   Annexations and incorporations Subscribe   
   Boards & Commissions Subscribe   
   Anderson Island Citizens' Advisory Board Subscribe   
   County buildings, property management, surplus property Subscribe   
   County operations/administration Subscribe   
   Ethics Subscribe   
   Interlocal agreements Subscribe   
   Performance Audit Subscribe   
   Personnel Subscribe   
Courts and Attorneys
   Assigned Counsel Subscribe   
   Prosecuting Attorney Subscribe   
   Superior and District courts Subscribe   
   Juvenile justice Subscribe   
Economic Development
   Economic development plans & policies Subscribe   
   Historic preservation Subscribe   
Elections and County Auditor
   Recording, licenses, passports, etc. Subscribe   
   Elections, voter registration, etc. Subscribe   
   Conservation, TDR/PDR, Open Space Subscribe   
   Illegal dumping Subscribe   
   Shorelines Subscribe   
   Wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas Subscribe   
   Air quality Subscribe   
   Environmental health - septic systems, hazardous waste cleanup, etc. Subscribe   
   Health Department & other public health issues Subscribe   
Human and Community Services
   Housing, housing assistance Subscribe   
   Chemical dependency Subscribe   
   Children and families Subscribe   
   Developmental disabilities Subscribe   
   Homelessness Subscribe   
   Mental health Subscribe   
   Senior services and long-term care Subscribe   
   Veterans Subscribe   
Land use, zoning, agricultural lands
   Agriculture and farmland Subscribe   
   Building and construction codes and permits Subscribe   
   Community plan area regulations, plans and policies
     Upper Nisqually Valley Subscribe   
     Gig Harbor Subscribe   
     PSM Subscribe   
     South Hill Subscribe   
     Frederickson Subscribe   
     Mid-County Subscribe   
     Graham Subscribe   
     Alderton-McMillin Subscribe   
     Key Peninsula Subscribe   
     Browns Point/Dash Point Subscribe   
     Anderson and Ketron Islands Subscribe   
   Comprehensive land use plan and regulations county-wide Subscribe   
   Signs Subscribe   
   Enforcement of land use/zoning/bldg codes Subscribe   
Parks and Golf Courses
   Golf courses Subscribe   
   Park Plan and regulations Subscribe   
   Sprinker Recreation Center Subscribe   
   Trails Subscribe   
Public Safety
   Alarm systems Subscribe   
   Boating regulations, boating safety Subscribe   
   Criminal Code Subscribe   
   Emergency management Subscribe   
   Fire prevention Subscribe   
   Firearms Subscribe   
   Jail/Corrections and Alternatives Subscribe   
   LESA, communications Subscribe   
   Sheriff Subscribe   
   Cable broadcasting, PCTV, RCC, RMC, others Subscribe   
   Telecommunications franchises, improvement districts Subscribe   
   Airports Subscribe   
   Ferries Subscribe   
   Non-motorized trails/paths Subscribe   
   Road rights-of-way - vacations, objects in r-o-w (such as signs), etc. Subscribe   
   Roads, transportation planning Subscribe   
   Transit Subscribe   
Water, Sewer, Waste & Other Utilities
   Domestic water supply, systems, plans, franchises, etc. Subscribe   
   Electric and gas franchises, related policies and plans Subscribe   
   Flooding Subscribe   
   Sewer system plans, policies, franchises Subscribe   
   Solid waste management, contracts, plans, policies Subscribe   
   Solid waste recycling Subscribe   
   Surface water management (stormwater) Subscribe   

Another update to the Council's website includes a search tool to obtain the status of proposed Ordinances and Resolutions. From the Council's home page, click on Legislation on the left menu bar and choose Current Proposals. You can enter a keyword or proposal number to find out when something is scheduled for hearing, if it passed, etc.

If you have any questions about these updates, please send them to .